Friday, October 12, 2007

Etsy is a beautiful thing for it makes it possible to acquire things like yarn from Pigeonroof Knits.

PR-poison/nightshade detail

There are also Sheep to Shoe kits from Blue Moon Fiber Arts to show off, but alas, my camera crapped out.

I did get a great picture of Mittens with his soggy, spitty, well loved scarf though, before the battery died.

Mittens and the mother ship

It occurs to me that, I have a kitten with an attachment to his binky. God forbid I have to take it away to wash it.

There is absolutely nothing exciting happening with the knitting around here. Just tons of squares on Lady E. Growing, growing, growing... and not yet halfway there. I think it is likely that I will not have it done by my deadline. Like that ever happens. Me meeting a knitting deadline, I mean.

I'm also working on a self patterning sock to tuck inside the oldest's Xmas stocking this year, because she constantly bitches that I never make her socks. Using Zitron Lifestyle - this yarn is a gorgeous, smooshy, fabulous sock yarn that knits up to a lovely warm squishy fabric - I can't wait to see her face when she finds the socks on Xmas morning. That project currently lives at work and gets knit on during lunch breaks. Lady E gets all my attention the rest of the time.

The big question is, when I pass the deadline, will Lady E go into the Pile of Misfit Knitting? Or will I actually persevere and finish her? I'm really hoping I can stick it out on this one and finish for once.

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Cambria said...

sounds like you're going to have to knit a spare lovie, like i had to do for the baby. :) But that makes a really sweet photo!