Saturday, September 15, 2007

spin in canceled

Just a note, the Sept. 29th spin in has regrettably been cancelled. Due to pirate faires, work conflicts and other things, I think there are maybe only two people who could actually go this time. I will reschedule for a weekend in October. If you have one or two that work for you, NOW is the time to tell me so I can get the date off work and also request the cafe give us space in the lounge!

Sorry guys! It'll be grand next month, I promise!


loopykd said...

Well I was planning on going and had it on my calendar. I am available other days but was really looking forward to that weekend as well. If anyone is still interested, perhaps we could meet at a park in Orange County. Irvine Park is very very lovely and there is lots of open space for wheels and such. I will sign up for the rescheduled date, but does anyone still want to meet on the 29th?

Will Pillage For Yarn said...

Loopy, if you want to take over hosting this month, I would LOVE it if people wanted to still meet!! I feel so bad for having to cancel on my end.

Why don't you post to the Ravelry board and then just let me know the details and I'll post an update here for any nonRavelers who want to meet up.

That's a GREAT idea to do it in Irvine Park. :-)

Will Pillage For Yarn said...

Also, what's your email? I am thinking of getting an email list together of al the folks who show up, for easier communication.

sopranospinner said...

As soon as I figure out what days we're having Girl Scouts, I will let you know (tomorrow). The other Saturdays are all fine, as are Sunday afternoons, if anyone's up for that.

An email list would be great, also!