Saturday, September 15, 2007

Lime and Violet's Daily Chum is horrible and I am not linking to it because I am going to try to save you from the evil that is all the shiny they link to. But you really should google it and take a look. Just don't blame me when your Paypal account starts screaming, ok?

I spun up some of this yesterday. It's merino in the Aurora colorway, from String Theory that I got a while ago. I'll try to spin up the rest of it this weekend when I'm not at work.

Aurora test skein

Very pretty. I think I know what I'm going to do with it, too.

I've discovered some fun stores on Etsy in the last week, most of which I can lay at the feet of Miss Lime and Miss Violet, but a few others that I discovered on my own. Thought I'd share the enabling.

Fat Cat Knits, some really great rovings in saturated, gorgeous colorways. Her use of color is sometimes unexpectedly harmonious.

Tempted, the creator of the infamous Bordello roving. Stunning.

I know you've all heard me rave about Funky Carolina. There's just not enough good stuff to say about her lovely colorways and beautifully prepared fiber.

Not a heck of a lot else happening around here, Chez Will Pillage. I seem to be spinning more than I'm knitting these days, but there is some knitting going on too. I am working on Lady E, and plan to pull the Clap out when I have my houseguest next weekend. She's working on hers so I figure we'll inspire each other. She's coming to stay with me for my anniversary weekend. I'm just not feeling like facing what would have been my 11th wedding anniversary alone, so have called in a friend and there will be wine and brownies and solace instead.

The "new" old job at the OO store is fantastic and I am so happy there. My kitchen is full of delicious things again. So very glad they wanted me back.

At the moment, I am covered in kittens with both of the older cats on the bed and the dog up near my head. It is snoozy and purry and they are doing their best to convince me to sleep now. I think I will join them.

Alas, I am working tomorrow and will miss the Yarn Harlot. I hope everyone local who is going has a grand time!

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Cambria said...

Hey!! I finally broke down and got a google acct so i could harrasse you on your page:) glad work is back to being fun again, and also that you've got a buddy to hang with for the anniversary. your yarn looks yummy and wants to be something sunny and warm like socks or baby mittens!