Saturday, August 11, 2007

Love it, Like it, Absolutely NO WAY.

From Bella Knitting, via Grumperina, a most interesting meme!

What are your limits when it comes to creative pursuits? Mine, in alphabetical order:

Love it! This is my thing.
cardmaking, ceramics, collage, cooking, embroidery, henna art, knitting (lace and socks), mixed media, paper art, pottery, spinning

I do or have dabbled in it.
baking, beading, calligraphy, celtic knotwork, crazy quilting, crochet, cross stitch, dread falls, felting, fimo, gardening, mosaic, ren garb, stamping, wire, writing, painting in watercolor and acrylic

I'll give it a try.
book binding, calligraphy, card making, dyeing, glass bead making, graphic design, lampwork, printing, shibori, woodcuts, weaving

I've got absolutely no interest.
applique, balloon animals, basket weaving, candle making, casting, corsetry, crewel, doll houses, glass blowing, lace making other than knitted lace, macrame, marquetry, millinery, miniatures, needlepoint, pattern creating, pattern drafting, photography, rug hooking, rug knotting, string art, stuffed toy making, soap making, tatting, wood carving, woodworking

How about you? Where do you draw the line?

This month's spunky club offering in "celebration" has taught me that I will benefit greatly from acquiring a copy of Deb Menz's book about spinning with color. There is so much I don't know!

spunky celebration bundle

I am interested in seeing what other folks come up with this month. I spun it on the wheel and then plied it navajo style off the bobbin with the Schacht Hi Lo. This let me preserve the colors a little bit, and it has been claimed by my oldest who wants me to make her an earflap hat out of it. Ok. One earflap hat coming up. With pom poms.

As ever, beautifully prepared fiber which is a joy to spin.

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Knitty Cat said...

whoa. I can't think of a single thing I have absolutely no interest in, besides scrap booking. That's it. Everything else is up for grabs for me. Hm. Maybe that's why I have no storage space.