Friday, July 13, 2007

Mittens and Honey

are finally old enough to come and live with us! We are probably going to be getting them next week sometime. I have to drive up north a ways to get the. The children return from camp this weekend and I will be very happy to have them home. The house has been really empty and sad the last couple of days. I'm really happy the girl went back to camp after the funeral, but it was hard to have her here and then gone again. I figure we'll go get kittens when they are home, it'll be easier to have someone along to help with kitten tending on the long drive.

Last night I went off to the WeHo Stitch N Bitch at the Farmer's Market. I'd never been and when I met another local knitter on Ravelry who hadn't gone either, we decided to carpool up and check it out. Fun! We'll be heading back. If you're on Ravelry, look me up, I'm "rainwood" on the site!

I am thinking I need to attach a disclaimer to this blog that reads "not THAT Yarnpirate. The other one." When I set this blog up, there was not a yarnpirate out there that I could find and believe me, I googled. I know that there's lots of room for pirates on the high seas of yarn, but everytime someone confuses us, I feel bad.

I got a few more repeats done on That Damn Painter's Scarf. Yes, it is officially out of hibernation and I am trying to get the damn thing done once and for all.
that damn painter's scarf again

Also been doing a bit more spinning. Merino/tencel blend from Chameleon Colorworks, acquired via A Mano Yarn Center months and months ago. They have the nicest spinning stuff over there and they are so nifty. I'm doing this one up as a 2 ply.

merino tencel 2ply detail

and so it goes...


Cara said...

What other yarn pirate?

The kittens look adorable.

geogrrl said...

Just dropping by to express my condolences about your daughter's classmate. I also lost a classmate in my senior year of high school to a drunk driving accident that was not his fault.

Mittens and Honey are just TOO cute! I think if I were around them, I'd be making endless silly cooing noises to those little faces. It's a good thing I'm not around--my cats say I embarrass them enough, anyway.

Ha. Reminds me of a cartoon that I have that shows a graph--human intelligence on the y-axis, and proximity to a cat on the x-axis. At a distance from cats, we're reasonably intelligent, as we get close to a cat, all we can manage to verbalize is, "Kitty!".

Roxie said...

How can you tell them apart? Honey-Mittens or Mittens-honey? Anyone who is feeling sad should have a daily dose of kittens.

The yarn is gorgeous! So fine and even. I'm wayyyy impressed!

Will Pillage For Yarn said...

Cara,, she makes the most AWESOME yarns. You should definitely check out her offerings, they are yarrrrrny goodness.

Roxie, Honey has a little white spot on her lip and Mittens has more white on his paws. They're actually quite distinct looking. :-)

Lucia said...

Hey, you arrrre who you arrrre. Please continue with the kitty pron.

Cara said...

ooo. pretty yarn. but you have kitties.

Ilix said...

I agree, the yarn is fantastic.......
but the KITTIES!!!! awwwwwwwwwwww