Saturday, July 21, 2007

I have not been getting very much knitting done, because OMGKITTENS.

i can haz laptop pls?

We drove up to the Bay Area after work on Wednesday night, got kittens on Thursday morning and drove straight back to LA. "What? LA kittens are not good enough for you?" Well, no, it's not that, it's just that they weren't those particular kittens and they were the ones we wanted. :-D

The only other exciting part about the trip was having to rip my Pomotamus sock back from about midway through repeat 1 of Chart A, to the ribbing. Ah well. I don't know *what* I did wrong, but it was well and truly wrong, so ripped it got. Therefore, there are no pictures, only bitter, bitter tears.

Did I mention, OMG kittens?

naptime perch iii


sopranospinner said...

[babbling incoherent baby talk at the cuteness]

Roxie said...

Squeeee! Kitties! More incoherent baby talk. Kitties are the best antidepressant there is.