Monday, July 09, 2007

Dandy Lion
Spunky Eclectic's "Dandy Lion" superwash merino

All spinning, all the time around here. I'm incredibly pleased with this batch, though the color is a bit neon for my taste. The mechanics seem to be coming together between getting an even single and an even, balanced ply. I won't say practice makes perfect because I've got an awfully long way to go, but practice sure makes it better. I am excited about actually making some gifts out of all this yarn I'm producing.

Of course this means that I'm getting nothing done on Clapotis or any other knitting, but that's ok. I'm such a slow knitter that I hardly ever finish anything and that's just frustrating. I'm feeling like I'm actually *producing* something here on the spindle, with these little 4 oz bags of brightly colored rovings. I can actually come to the end of a bag, ply, wash and set, and feel like I finished something of worth.

Finishing feels good.


sopranospinner said...

Are you in the fiber club, too? Isn't it fun?

Will Pillage For Yarn said...

Yeah, I love the fiber club. It is just perfect for me. I seem to go in fits and starts with the spinning, so it's nice to have all the accumulated fiber when I'm in a spinning mood.

It's also nice that they're just 4 oz bags, so it's enough for something, but not so much that I get totally bored. I'm a little ADD like that. When I have a wheel and can spin more and faster, I'll probably buy larger amounts.