Friday, June 15, 2007

Well I had my echocardiogram and got my Holter monitor all hooked up today and so I get to walk around like Borgy MacBorgerson with my wires and my electrodes and my little portable monitor in a bag. It's only for 24 hours. I confess, I melted down like a big melty thing on the way home from the doctor's office, but have calmed down considerably since then. This has all been very scary, but this too shall pass. I'm having a hard time keeping the diary that 'm supposed to keep with the monitor, but, I'll figure it out. I can't always record the palpitations when they're happening and I'm supposed to - but if I'm driving or whatever, it's hard.

Two more weeks at the OO store and then I will be working only one job. I've successfully (if unhappily) gotten off the demon caffeine and am working on all those other life changes.

Clapotis got frogged, recast and is now being worked with fewer repeats. This makes me happy, as I was worried about running out of yarn and now I think it'll be fine. Have I mentioned how much I love this Schaefer yarn? OMG. So luscious.

The kids head off to camp on Sunday. It's gonna be weird to have the house all to myself for a month. It'll be the first time in seventeen years that I'll have my living space entirely to myself for that kind of length of time.


sopranospinner said...

Sorry about all the stress! And then the stress about the stress!

My kids are too young (and unwilling) to go to resident camp as yet, but I am looking forward to DS going to first grade in August and the prospect of 6 a one calling me. I feel bad about it, but I've paid a lot of years of having the silent alarm on my ass going off every 35 seconds, it seems.

Meanwhile, the pool opens today and all is right with the world, even though I had to frog all the progress on my sock last night from VBS. Too chatty, I guess.

Try to have a good day. Resistance is futile!

geogrrl said...

I feel for you. What you're going through is not a nice thing.

I can offer you this. I started having palpitations 4-5 years ago. Periodic, no rhyme or reason as to when they happened. They could temporarily leave me breathless.

I saw my doctor about it and he insisted it was stress. I could do things like cut out caffeine if I chose, but mainly I needed to meditate, exercise, and let stress get to me less.

For some reason, they bother me a lot less now. One thing I've tried that seems to help is magnesium supplements.

Knitty Cat said...

one of my friends had wore one of those moniter thingys for two weeks(ugh). It became the goal of our little group to startle her as often as possible. Fun fun! (for us, less for her, i'm sure)

Lucia said...

Yikes, best of luck with the stress thing. I wanted to ask if I could come enjoy the peace and quiet with you, but I guess that wouldn't work, would it :)?

Lynda the Guppy said...

Totally off topic, I happened to record Knitty Gritty and it's your episode! YAY YOU!

Roxie said...

Hope you are settling in to the peace and quiet. Enjoy having the whole place to yourself! All too soon they'll be too old for camp and then they'll be underfoot all summer long and who knows what they'll get up to?

roggey said...

I like frogging - it's getting a do-over for a project you want to love but need to have a chat with to straighten it out first.