Friday, June 22, 2007

The verdict is in from the cardio. While I am indeed having a metric fuckton of pvcs and they don't feel very nice at all, the factors that would make them dangerous (heart attack, valve problems, high blood pressure, etc.) are all fine, and so I will live to be 94 and given my family penchant towards forgetfulness in the twilight years, will probably be hiding my own Easter eggs towards the end. This is reassuring. I still can't have coffee except as a very rare treat, and I have to take up yoga and also do some cardio every day. And then we'll see how it goes.

Tomorrow is my last day at the olive oil store. I am sad to leave it, but it is for the best.

Clapotis is inching along. I'm beginning to loathe the straight section. 8 repeats to go.

Charly is feeling left out of the bloggy goodness and wants the world to know he is ready for his close up.


Also, some more gratuitous Mittens cuteness:

And then also there is Honey:

Honey is, er. Well. See. It's a long story. But now I have four cats. Because how could I break up this?

The way I look at it, I am preventing sibling rivalry. Yep. There's a kitten for each kid. No arguments. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

I viked the kitten pictures from the flickr account of their current foster mama, the very kind lady who is taking care of them and socializing them until they are old enough to be adopted and come live with me. Hopefully that'll be within a few more weeks. They're still very small.


Inky said...

I am so glad to hear that your health isn't in severe danger. A little yoga and cardio isn't so bad :)

And OMG kitties are so cute. I wouldn't have been able to break them up either.

But, uh, 4 cats? Honey, honey, you crazy!!

Mouse said...

I agree with Inky..
(I'm also glad that you have children to offset the look of "crazy cat lady" you've got going on.. one for each child huh? hee hee. They ARE absolutely adorable though and I'd be hard pressed to break up the set)

Mouse said...

I'm kidding by the way.. I'd totally have more than one cat if I didn't have someone here telling me no. I prefer cats over humans most days.

geogrrl said...

Glad to see that your episodes are harmless.

As for the penchant for forgetfulness, well, I prefer "absent-minded". Then it sounds like I'm actually thinking about other things rather than just being woolly-minded.

geogrrl said...

Oh, and the kittens are darling. If I didn't have my DH to stop me, I'd be the crazy cat lady in my neighbourhood. Somehow I just can't resist those little faces.

Roxie said...

Good to know that your heart is sound. It's obviously large and generous, to be taking on the trouble of two more kitties. (she says, fully understanding the hypnotic spell baby cats put on humans. We are helpless to resist them.)

Charly is beautiful! He's a peach-faced love-cat if i ever saw one.

Knitty Cat said...

Yeah, PVC's aren't a bad defect to have in the scheme of things. We get a LOT of people with that at the hospital. My heart defect (mytral valve prolapse) is just as harmless, and I still get to drink tea.
Best of luck to you and you're wonky heart :)
Cats are a panacea for heart problems of all sorts. :)

Knitty Cat said...

lemme specify, i made it sound like we get a lot of people in the hospital for that problem. What I mean is, nearly everybody we monitor for other issues have pvc problems. It's very very common, and usually harmless.