Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Tonight I told Puff about the pending arrival of Mittens.

We're getting a WHAT? I shall poop in your shoe.

"We're getting a WHAT?" he seemed to say. "I think I feel the pending arrival of poop in your shoe."

Lord Of The Sock Yarn

"Or perhaps the sock yarn. Yes, yes, that's it. Put the kitten down or the sock yarn gets it."


*twitches tail*

"I say, could you please remove the protective plastic wrapping?"

Also, Clapotis! Frogged, recast, and reworked with fewer repeats widthwise.

clapotis wip
Four straight repeats down, 9 to go.


Roxie said...

Puff looks like Demon Cat! Mine usually cast hairballs where you will step on them in the morning with your warm, bare foot. Poop in the shoe is vengence indeed!

geogrrl said...

Bwahaha! I know that look well. Guard your yarn carefully--the cat means it. I know that the plastic wrap was no barrier to my own little spawn of satan... uh, sweet little kitty.

Lucia said...

Beautiful clapotis! Beautiful cat, too, but you probably shouldn't tell him I said so. (My cats can assist him with the plastic.)

Will Pillage For Yarn said...

Puff IS a demon cat. He's a real pugnacious hairball and has been for the 17 years of his life on earth. Both the boys are, actually. Bad tempered, grumpy and then suddenly they make like the sweetest, most affectionate little kitties ever born.

Lucia said...

He looks remarkably healthy for 17. At that age Ed very nearly made it through the Pearly Gates before being dragged back by the tip of his tail, and he's been in somewhat frail health since -- but he's made it to a round 20 and continues to enjoy life.

Will Pillage For Yarn said...

Thanks Lucia! He is a very healthy boy and very spry. He used to be over 20 lbs of pure muscle (part Maine Coon) and now he's less than 10 and has that fragile old cat body, but that's really the only side effect of aging thus far and his labs have all come back from the vet as good when we take him. I hope we get a few more years with him, he's a special old boy.