Tuesday, June 12, 2007

First off, thank you Knitnana!
My KTS3 pal sent me the most wonderful box, and a box of my favorite tea from Special Teas as well! Those are two skeins of Lorna's Laces, in blackberry. She made me that great sock bag, which is really sturdy and superior craftsmanship. You can order bags from her site and she'll special order fabrics for you if you ask. I'm getting a skully knitting bag when I save enough pennies! I feel so spoiled!

Not sure what is up with the camera, things are not good, colorwise, but here are some pics I've been saving up.

I've dropped one set of stitches. Terrifying. Fun! Drop with impunity!

SRT heavyweight in "Lagoon" and STR Silkie in "Lunasea" - I may be getting a few more skeins of the Silkie for another Clapotis. It's indescribably delicious.

String Theory Porn:
This is the "Rainwood" colorway. My friend Reesa named it after me! *grin* My very own colorway. This is what she says:
"Start with equal parts heart and zen grooviness. Mix with generous helping of goth stompy boots. Swirl together with determination, strength, and hilarity. Serve with a lovely pot of tea (the good stuff, -please-!).

This colourway is based on a dear friend who embodies all of these things and so much more. Deep velvety rose, rich black, cool celadon and teal, and warm, tea-stained brown."

Pretty spiffy if ya ask ME. My camera does not do it justice. Her site is better and even HER camera does not do it justice, not really.

Have spent the last few days sleeping like a big sluggish sleeping thing, when I'm not at work or playing on Ravelry. Between the new meds, kicking caffeine and sugar and just, work, something has got me beat. Kids leave for camp on Sunday. I am not sure what I'll do with myself for a whole month.

"Go out with friends." my oldest suggested. "You do have them. Remember?"

"Get a life." said the youngest, helpfully.

Thanks, guys. I love you too.


KnitNana said...

OH...YOU, You, you ... enabler, you!
Off to check it out!

KnitNana said...

And thank you for the wonderful compliments...can't wait to make your skulls knitting bag!
Take care of yourself, please?

MsFortuknit said...
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MsFortuknit said...

your yarn just gave me chills! hahah