Monday, June 25, 2007

Clapotis is coming along very nicely. I am about 6 repeats into the straight section and really loving the fabric. What fun! This is such a clever little pattern. I made the mistake of bringing her to a work related meeting tonight which ended up being full of smokers. Clapotis and I both reek, plus I was so tense that I've got about half a repeat that is SUPER tight compared to the rest of the piece. I know Febreeze will fix the stench, but the gauge shift may just always serve to remind me of my first meeting as senior staff/managerial type person and all that entails.

Today was relatively good as far as financial decisions went. Today a brand new, designer, gorgeous couch nearly fell into my lap for the low, low price of $200. And I turned it down. AUGH. Yes. I turned it DOWN.

I turned it down for a couple of reasons.

1. I bought a brand new digital camera this month.
2. I stocked up at the olive oil store on my last day, to take advantage of my discount on items that have become kitchen staples, and this was a huge bite outside my normal budget.
3. Given the issues I have with this apartment/building, I'm planning to dump our old sofa when we move eventually anyway. It might make better fiscal sense to wait. I'd hate to dump a new sofa!

In the end, I opted to leave the $200 in my savings account to gather interest. I am sure the Universe will open up and something equally fabulous will fall into my lap at a better time. I need to replace the money I spent on my camera before I even *think* about purchasing another big ticket item and honestly, I want to move before I buy new furniture. That said, it was a really tough decision. It was gorgeous. It would have made the living room look amazing. But I'm more at peace with myself having turned the couch down than I think I would have been with myself once the shiny wore off. I think I made the right choice.

Some blog reading earlier this morning sparked a few thoughts about why I mentally treat "found money" as less valuable than "my money." If I get additional Etsy income or sell a teapot, if I get some tips or a gift from my parents, I tend not to value it the same way. I spend it on more frivolous things and don't think in terms of using it like I'd use money I earned.

This treatment of found money is a common mindset. We all do it. We find a dollar or a twenty and we go out to dinner. We get the tax refund and we buy a treat. This isn't to say that buying a treat or going out to dinner isn't ok, just, it's very common not to think of the found money as having the same value. This is a habit that I'd like to bring more mindfulness to in the future. Twenty dollars spent is twenty dollars spent. Period. It's twenty dollars *gone*. Perhaps in future I can make better decisions about what extras I spend "found money" on, if I even spend it at all. Perhaps I can try to see more clearly what gives me the most "found value" instead.

How about you? What do you think of found money?


Inky said...

And where is this Etsy store of yours? you know i want some of your pottery - maybe i could find some money and buy myself something of yours, then you would find the money. and the circle goes round and round!!

Moze said...

Found money isn't budgeted money, so when you get it -- splurge time! Now, if you had a budget for things you'd do when you found money, you'd find that you don't blow it on impromptu treats. But where's the fun in that?

Will Pillage For Yarn said...

Inky, I'm at but there's nothing for sale there right now. Since I am no longer at the oo store, I hope to get the shop moving soonish.

Moze, I like the idea of budgeting "found money" ahead of time. X% to charity, Y% to savings, Z% to splurge, etc. It might help keep things in better proportion AND have some fun!