Friday, May 18, 2007

There is much squee. I can has a cheezbuger have a ticket to Stitch n Pitch! I'd pretty much decided I wasn't going to be able to afford to go, but then today I got a "last chance!" email from A Mano Yarn Center and decided what the hell, I'd dip into the cat food fund and go knit at the ballgame. So next Tuesday will find me on the shuttle with a bunch of knitters from all over LA. This is somewhat terrifying because for all that I'll be on a bus full of knitters and I am acquainted with at least the gals at A Mano, I am basically going "alone." I'm not going with a friend and I don't know if I'll have anyone to talk to when all is said and done. It might be lonely and horrible. Well most likely it will not be horrible, but it might be lonely. And that scares me a little. Then again, it'll be a lot of knitters and Stitch n Bitch ladies and the wonderful A Mano gals, and it might not be lonely. Maybe it will be a jolly social time. I don't know. It's a risk. Going out is risky. I hate going places alone. I like to take a friend, but the sad thing is that I really don't have any local knitting friends who would want to go. The LA freeway system is a very isolating thing. It's like, if I have to drive there and take a freeway? Forget it. Also, what if nobody likes me or I say something stupid about bees? Better to stay home, at least, that's what I often tell myself, here comes the whaaaaambulance.

This could quite possibly be a self defeating attitude on my part.

Anyway. Stitch n Pitch. I am going and I am going to attempt to finish That Damn Painter's Scarf at the game. I think I will bring along a back up project or two just in case.

My children have a shiny new copy of Guitar Hero courtesy of Grandpa who was visiting earlier this week, and I am wondering if I'll ever have peace and quiet and the opportunity to sit on the sofa and listen to knitting podcasts ever again. 5 point surround sound is not always your friend. This is the same grandparent who bought them each shiny new kazoos when they were younger. I begin to wonder if there is perhaps an ulterior motive that I am missing.


Anonymous said...

The upside to Guitar Hero, at least in my house, is that the kids become more familiar with musical history. At least of the electric guitar variety.

Knitty Cat said...

Muahahaha. The grandparent attitude of doohm has struck again!!
I get to do that now in fact...I'm a non-custodial step-mom. We pay child support, so I reserve the right to buy her a drum set *evil grin*

Will Pillage For Yarn said...

ah yes, it's kinda nifty, the other day they were playing "Free Bird" and "OMG it's like, from the last CENTURY." *laughs*

Knitty Cat, try a delux set of rubber stamps and ink stamp pads?

Knitty Cat said...

Hehe. Actually, I taught her how to knit :)

Will Pillage For Yarn said...

Next you need to teach her about "stash".


Knitty Cat said...

She seems to have figured that one out for herself. Who says 6 year olds have no taste? She really likes my artyarns silk. She's having to make due with plymouth 100% wool in screaming hot pink.