Friday, May 11, 2007

Second Verse, Same As The First

The first LL sock is done! So now I start the second, but have decided to do the toe in the Iris Garden LL and then the body in the violet colored Cherry Tree Hill yarn that I did the contrasting toe in on the first sock so that they're matching but opposite. Sort of. That is to say, almost but entirely unlike, er, tea. Er. Right then. Hey, it's been a long day slinging coffee to the illiterate masses. LA is apparently full of people who don't read and then a few surly baristas who are sleep deprived and cranky because they routinely stay up too late reading. I'm just annoyed because nobody guessed any of the answers to my literary trivia questions this week and am thinking that on Monday I'll simply put up something like, "In the popular novel See Spot Run, what was the name of the dog?" and see if anyone can guess that.

I've renewed my willingness to deal with That Damn Painter's Scarf and so have been putting in a few repeats here and there with some television watching. Sometimes, wanting to get something the hell OFF the needles and OUT of your knitting bag already because you're sick of looking at it and feeling guilty, that is better incentive than being all fuzzy and excited about knitting it in the first place.

I'm wondering if this lack of long term attention span is why I haven't yet finished a single sweater?

I should start the ADD Knitters Webring.


Mouse said...

ADD knitters... what? I'm sorry.. I was working on one of my 6 WIP's and got distracted. Did you say something about a webring? hee hee hee.
Don't feel bad about the literary trivia thing.. I worked in a video store and used to put up movie trivia that no one got either.

Knitty Cat said...

I'll join. Hey look, shiny!!

Roxie said...

Why is attention deficit considered a disorder? There are some things that don't deserve full attention. Like illiterate customers and talking to your mom on the phone.

Lorena said...

Sigh. Now I have to delurk and say that I like shiny things. But I do not have any sort of ADD-- ooo! look! Yarn!

Knitty Cat said...

I've got to say, I actually do have ADD, and you wouldn't believe what it does to my knitting. I've got at least four projects within arms reach at all times, I keep my laptop next to me, I've got the tv going, and a book or two I'm in the middle of.
Yeah, it takes me nearly 6 months to make a pair of socks.
ADD web ring? I am so there.