Friday, April 27, 2007

"The problem with making latte art is that it is very, very fun. Addictive. What will the foam do?" She asked, her hands shaking, because she'd made a lot of extra latte art that morning and ended up drinking it because no one had actually *ordered* any.

I can has a cheeseburger. Er. New shoes.

Look at the neato sneakers I got yesterday! Though I did not get them at Hot Topic, I got them at Shoe Pavilion for way less so go me. I also didn't know they were at Hot Topic until I went searching for pics online, and by that time they were on my feet so I am just going to deal with the knowledge that soon lots of little scene kids and punx will be wearing my shoes and I will be all the wrong kind of cool. My motivation was pure, I swear. And I find them charming and enchanting, my little grey argyle emo broken hearted bitter divorcee shoes.

I want to chart a broken hearted argyle now and put it on a sweater. It must happen.

Shoe shopping with two teenagers is a trip and a half. We went out on a "we're on a tight budget and you guys need new shoes, so we'll go to Shoe Pavilion and we have THIS MUCH to spend, so don't try to sneak something extra in, ok?"

This turned into an hour long torture session of hunting, searching and negotiation.

"S-chan, you do not need daffodil yellow kitten heeled pumps with peep toes. You need sneakers that you can wear in PE."

"S-chan, you do not need adorable nautical canvas ballet slippers with bows on the toes, you need sneakers that you can wear in PE, get OUT of that row and come over here."

"S-chan, look at these, they have skulls on the... wait. You don't want the skulls? They're trendy. Uh huh. You wouldn't be caught dead in these poser shoes." *eyes child clad in bondage belt, skully tights, slashed up mini, ripped up concert tee, and pink hair* "But you have skulls on your ti... your... oh. That's different. Um. How is that different?"

"S-chan, you do not NEED red wedge heels with kicky ankle ties. For FUCKS SAKE child, all you ever wear is black and ripped and those shoes match NOTHING IN YOUR CLOSET. That's not the point? What is the point? The point, child, IS THAT YOU NEED NEW SHOES FOR P.E."

"Fine. Get over here and get a plain pair of black chucks and... I DO NOT CARE IF THEY ARE ALSO TRENDY POSER HOT TOPIC PUNK SHOES, GET OVER HERE AND TRY THEM ON... I will buy you the nautical canvas ballet slippers if you do. No, I won't buy you the yellow kitten heeled peep toes too. Chucks. Now. Patience. Thin."

"Em, thank you so much for waiting so patiently with your little skully slip ons that you picked out FORTY MINUTES AGO while your sister was being such a pain in my a.... what? Yes. Yes it's only fair that you get canvas ballet slippers too if S is getting a pair. Fine. Go pick some out. You can have two pairs of shoes too. It's all equitable."

"Okay. Are we all set? Wow am I ever glad we came to this cheap shoe store for an easy quick trip to buy you guys one pair of cheap sneakers."

"OOOH! Canvas broken hearted emo sneakers! BITTER DIVORCEE SHOES!!!! I MUST HAVE THEM!"

I really don't know where my oldest child gets her impulsive shoe buying/wanting from, like at all.

Now to chart me some broken hearted argyle... Maybe I'll start with socks to match the shoes.


Knitty Cat said...

I wholeheartedly understand about the shoes. I have absolutely self control. I am horrible with money. Sadly, my hub is an enabler.
I hope the shoes made you feel a little better. It's healing to get things that make you feel pretty again.

Lucia said...

I don't do shoes. I have one pair of hiking boots handed down all nice and broken in by a very, very kind friend, and one pair of Tevas, and everything else hurts my feet. OK, I do have a whole raft of shoes purchased before my arches apparently descended to the benthic depths, but shoes do not get to me. Put me anywhere near yarn or fiber, however... I am even a sucker for really pretty fabric, although I don't sew.

Lucia said...

Oh, but they are nice shoes. Who cares if they're trendy?

Roxie said...

The shoes are too cool! And by the time they wear out, you won't need them any more. Then you can find some mended-heart, life-goes-on-shoes.

Shoe shopping with teen girls is one of the levels of hell that Dante never knew aabout.

KniTaPaLooZa said...

Knock Knock long time no see.... It was last year at World Wide Knit in Public Day. Hey I was wondering if they are going to do anything again this year??? June 9th is comeing up soon. Let me know.

Janet aka Knitapalooza... You know the idiot that drives from Bakersfield all the way to LA just to Knit.