Sunday, February 11, 2007

Today is definitely one of those days where I'd rather hang out in my jammies and drink coffee and play on the internet or knit, rather than go to work and push premium food pr0n at people with more money than sense. Unfortunately, we don't always get what we want, and food porn it is. No loungie for me.

I am 2 repeats away from finishing Baud #2 (yay! another FO!) and have realized something horrible and that would be that Baud #1 is lost. That's right, the first sock has gone missing from my knitting bag, it is not in my purse, it is not in my stash, it is not to be found anywhere. I have been knitting these socks since... when... oh hell, October? And I LOST ONE.


So even if I finish Baud #2, I won't be able to, oh, say, WEAR THEM.

Truly a stupid knitter trick if ever there was one.


Dave said...

Yikes! Here's hoping it shows up within a reasonable time frame, like, within the next month or so.

Cambria said...

I had a momentary scare just like that, but found mine. They're in the bath right now, and then they're off in the mail. I'll be casting on for my own pair soon, that's how much I loved knitting them. Hope you find yours, but if not... maybe I'll knit one more for you and you can wear them. :)

Roxie said...

It's probably hiding somewhere, giggling with mischief. Or did you take it with you on your last trip? It may be visiting. Have you looked in your freezer? Have you asked the cats? Is it under the sofa or between the cushions? We will petition the universe to return it to you.

sopranospinner said...

Sorry about the sock! I'm sure it will find you eventually...probably making sure January is really over.

Things will improve!

Jess said...

D'oh! You'll find it, though. Don't worry.

Phoe said...

Ugh, I hope you find it!