Wednesday, January 31, 2007

This blog has been really pookie and negative this month. It happens sometimes, I know, life is like that. So while I am very sad about my grandmother tonight, there was also good stuff that happened and I wanted to share some GOOD news for a change. I posted all about FUCK cancer earlier this month because it seemed to be all around. Today I found out that my friend who went in for the big test to see if she had ovarian cancer is fine, she had to have surgery but it turned out NOT to be the big Bad Thing that we were all afraid of. She's gonna be okay. This will not take her away from her children or her family before her time.

I am very grateful for that and it's GOOD news so I thought I'd share it here.

Also, some very nice folks at my clinic thought my Baud sock was fab this morning and told me that I was a good knitter, in fact, "better than very good. Amazing." I did not pshaw and assure them it was simple. I just said thank you.

By the way, if you live in Southern CA, are uninsured, if you need basic health care or a flu shot, vaccinations, GYN exams, if you need STD testing or other blood draw services and you are not able to pay a lot? You should really be aware of AIM in Sherman Oaks. They primarily serve the adult film industry to keep folks in that industry safe and tested, but they also have services for the general public and they make them available to the whole family at their nonprofit rates. They don't bill, you have to pay for it up front, but seriously, it is very low cost, quick and friendly. The people there are fab. It's nice to go to a clinic for girl care or an HIV test or whatever and get treated with professionalism, a lack of judgement and with respect. You can ask questions and get answers. Every time I go there, I am just, "Thank you sex industry!" because there is NO judgement and NO worry that you could possibly freak out your doctor. They've seen it all. And in these days of crap insurance and skyrocketing health care costs, anything that makes it easier, more affordable and less scary for singles, families, whoever - that is a good thing. It is a very human-positive place.

So no cancer. Great healthcare available to you, the public, at low costs. There was something good about January after all


Lucia said...

Let's hear it for no cancer! That's always a good thing. And an upside to the sex industry. Who knew?

Roxie said...

See, there ARE a few good things available. Keep looking for the sunny side. Good health care from the Adult Film Industry? Wonderful!