Sunday, January 14, 2007

One thing about working retail when the weather dips into the frigid arctic hell portion of the thermometer is that you get to admire a LOT of knit stuff walking in and out of the store. I've met more knitters in the last 2 days, it is absolutely nutty how many of us are out there. Hi knitters! Thank you for coming into my shop and making my retail day so much brighter with your yarn! I'm also getting a reputation with my co-workers for being a trifle, er, yarn obsessed. And I'm somewhat surprised at my newfound ability to recognize fibers, yarn brands and colorways just by staring at the finished objects. Maybe my dream of one day opening a yarn store is not such a dumb idea after all. The nice thing about owning a yarn store would be, knitters would still come visit me at work. Only, more of them and identification would be easier. One day, I shall make my exodus from the world of olive oil and move full time into fiber. What a glorious day that will be.

It's stupidly cold here in Los Angeles and along with the absolutely dumb temps comes absolutely dumb corporate policy! Because we are not allowed to SHUT THE DOORS to our store when the weather gets cold. Seriously. It is against company policy. So when I left tonight, it was 56 degrees INSIDE the store, even though the heater was running at full blast. We have a dress code, and so we cannot put on coats or gloves while we are working. Sweaters, yes, and thank god for cashmere (I will never doubt the worth of my cashmere sweater again) but still... that's ridiculous. I know that 56 degrees is nothing by East Coast standards, but remember, INSIDE. Standing in that for 8 hours with no protective garments beyond a cashmere sweater over your servant chic ensemble of white cotton blouse, black skirt, nylons and nice (read, cold) shoes is really torture and I think the asshats at corporate should really have to come down and work a shift in those conditions. I cheated and wore fingerless gloves all shift, and my fingers were still blue with cold by the end.

Fuckwittery abounds.

What is even more ridiculous y'all is that when they built my apartment, some asinine person got the bright idea to install radiant heat ceilings instead of heat and air like normal people get. Normally this isn't an issue here in SoCal. However, when it is 27 degrees outside and turning on my heat means my electric bill triples, I begin to think about things like heating methods.**

Dear arkytecky person wot designed my apartment. Newsflash. Heat rises. Kthx, no love, bye.

I live on the ground floor. And the heat, it is in my ceiling. This means my upstairs neighbors probably benefit every time we turn it on while us? Not so much with the warm thing. "Wear a sweater." I tell my shivering offspring. "Embrace the sweater." Right now, I am embracing flannel pants, handknit socks, a long sleeve shirt, a wool sweater, a heating pad and a chenille throw.

Global climate changes? What global climate changes?

**I also begin to think about the fact that there's something like 700,000+ homeless people - men, women and children in the US and it is bitterly cold out there right now. So while I bitch about my cold apartment, I am also grateful to have one. Now would be a good time to poke your elected representatives about funding more housing and shelters for the homeless. So that maybe next winter, when it freezes again, there will be more beds for them to sleep in and fewer of them on the streets to need those beds.


Cambria said...

we people of New England, (formerly of northern Cal) know what it is to be cold...and out here it just hasn't. I've knit mittens that are sitting here untouched by the offspring and a simple bundling up with a sweater on will do it. Not even one decent snow. (Not saying this to brag...) So when we watched the Pat's play the Chargers yesterday and my husband said that it must be really warm because it was so sunny there, the Californian in me came out and had to inform him that just because there's sun doesn't mean it's warm there. He insisted that is had to be somewhat warm because all the sun shine has to help out, in which I said, no... it doesn't. Not in California where there's ALWAYS sun. The arguement wasn't won until our friend went online and announced that it was 35 degrees in San Diego! So unless he made it up for me, I get what Al Gore's been sayin. It's San Diego for gosh sake, where it's usually like, 70 degrees year round!!

Mouse said...

What strange weather y'all are having! I can't believe that your store policy has to include having the door wide open - how stupid! I'm pretty sure that the fuckwads that write store policy have never worked in retail in their lives...

Roxie said...

Silk is wonderfully warm in the winter. If you have anything in silk - a short nighty for example, use it as an under layer. Otherwise, a tank top under the blouse, two pairs of pantyhose, and if you can get away with it, a hat or beanie will make life a lot more comfortable for you.

I had a neighbor who never turned on his heat untill it got down to 48 in his apartment. He wore a heavy stocking cap all the time - even in bed (so he said. I never saw him in bed.)

At home, burn candles. It warms the savage in our brainstem to be able to see fire. And never leave a burning candle un-attended.

I will be prodding my elected representative today.

sopranospinner said...

We're cold in Burbank, too. And I have a houseguest coming this evening (long term) who is going to be sleeping in the GARAGE. Cold. We got him a heater yesterday but the heat mostly goes up (of course) and that garage has a high ceiling. I'm thinking electric blanket. But how in the name of all that's holy will I be able to get him to work outside instead of inches from me twenty four/seven if it's 28 degrees out there? Oh, well. I think we need some firewood.

And what's the deal with my house having NO insulation WHATSOEVER? Where do they think we live, Southern California?

And for the record, it's colder here now than it was in New Jersey and PA the entire time we were away over Christmas.

Lucia said...

Let's hear it for LL Bean long johns, both silk and cotton/wool. And let's hope your temperatures return to an approximation of normal sometime soon. My elected reps regularly lead the charge on these things, but I may poke them anyway.

Geogrrl said...

Let me guess--your apartment building was planned and built--late 1940s/early 1950s? That's when those modern and impractical heating systems were in vogue. Mind you, they were usually combined with radiant floor heating, which often gave up the ghost within the first 10 years, leaving just the radiant heat in the ceiling.

Typical of the assbeagles that run things--they have no fricking clue what it's like on the floor.

You sound a little more chipper than you have been, and I wish for you the dream of a successful yarn shop.

Roxie said...

Just checking in, sweetie. You're in my thoughts.