Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I'm noticing that I feel a lot better right now if I can see small, quantifiable successes. Large, long term goals are not happening for me. I'm a little too ADD and distracted right now. That's okay. I can adapt. Tonight I cast on that beanie in Noro Silk Garden that everyone is knitting. It's cold in HumCo and my dad's birthday is coming up. Got it sorted on #6 dpns and I finished the 1" of ribbing on the edge while the youngest and I watched Love Actually. Last night I turned the heel on the 2nd Baud sock while we watched Margaret Cho. Small goals. Small successes. I can see them. Measure them. Beginning, middle, end. They make me feel a little more in control of things. That helps. I might be able to finish Baud and/or the beannie by the weekend. Probably not both. But I can finish one. It's going to feel great to FINISH something.

My little experiment with the plastic bin was a smashing HUGE success, though I now have to prevent myself from driving to Target and buying organizational doodads for EVERY! ROOM! IN! MY! HOUSE! as it is a known fact that this way lies madness and also bounced checks. I want to organize or get rid of EVERYTHING, it seems. I've filled my car and been to Goodwill three times. I've filled our dumpster once and half again. I am a purging fiend. But the things that are left? I can find them. I know where they are. Chaos has been contained and I can sleep at night. I am so OCD in this regard that it is rather pathetic sometimes, really. Life crisis? Husband moves out? Youngest child sick and home from school for 3 days? Teenage daughter met a totally unsuitable boy and gets caught lying about where she's at after school resulting in her grounding and your being trapped in the house with a sulky, pissed off 15 y/o? Dog yakked on the new bedspread? No problem. Buy a plastic bin and spend two days organizing your paperclips. Don't eat, or you know, shower, but sort the sock yarn by color, in ziplock bags. It works! Cheaper than therapy. Unless you're a dork and hit Target or god forbid, The Container Store. Then it's expensive therapy and not applicable to deductible or yearly out of pocket for healthcare.

Right. Beannie or Baud, done by Sunday. I think I can do it.


Laura said...

Oh, honey. Let a real pro guide you through the storage bin obsession. Hee! I started my clear bin sickness a couple years ago because I rationalized that I would be moving soon (which is true) and they would not only store stuff, but make it easy to pack in a moving van. Long story short--66 qt. Rubbermaid Revelations are your friend. Just buy one a month. Keep an eye out for when they go on sale (which is never after a holiday, unlike everything else). And if you fill it so full that the lid won't stay shut, just put another bin on top of it!

Roxie said...

I think the world of zip-lock bags! I have my circular and double pointed needles all sorted in quart-sized bags with the size written on the freezer lable,and stored in the zippered plastic bag our new sheets came in. And Altoid tins hold the stitch markers and darning needles. I can find things again!

sopranospinner said...

I understand your state of mind, I think. When my first marriage ended, I could think about ten minutes into the future. I still don't remember anything I read during that time as it just didn't get stored. It was all escape. Luckily, no kids from that one.

Sounds like you're doing very well under trying circumstances and I congratulate you!

Lucia said...

In knitting, you know when you're getting somewhere, and if you get to the wrong place you can always go back in time and do it again. These two things, alas, can't be said of real life. BTDT -- different key, same song. Hugs. Hang in there.