Friday, January 05, 2007

The HMS Toyota Corolla (hereafter known as Tess) has suffered a tragic series of setbacks and must be overhauled to the tune of $2575. Yeah, that's right, there's no decimal there. That's a period. Happy. New. Year. Or, Do You Want Lube With That?

This insures that I'll be absolutely broke for the near future. Well, really, all year. Maybe for several years. Unless I win lotto. Probably. So to convince myself that things are really okay and I am not suddenly going to RUN OUT OF YARN OMG!!!!1! I am taking this picture and will refer back to it when I start to panic about my stash. Really, it is not the Season Of Yarn Famine Hell. I will not be staring in the windows of yarn stores clutching my book of matches while snow falls outside. "Self," I tell myself. "It will be OOOOOKAY. Chill."

sock yarn 1

Probably I will not run out of sock yarn this year. And if I do, there are bins of roving and other yarns, like laceweight and worsted and DK, which could probably tide me over. I am somewhat abashed to say that I ordered 3 skeins of STR in a panic, before I decided to go through the bins and give myself a reality check.

I'm now halfway through the Handsome Painter's holiday scarf. It's now looking like it might be a Birthday Scarf. Because I suck and I'm slow and I lost it for DAYS over the winter break. I ask you, how do you lose knitting? What kind of knitter loses yarn???

mike's scarf detail
here's a detail. It really IS that lustrous and haloey and wonderful and it's so soft you just want to SQUEEEESH it. Lisa Souza's El Dorado (kid mohair and silk) in "Wild Things" which is doing amazing things with this particular fiber combo.

No more pictures, because pretty much everything is stalled out hopelessly, stuffed in the Bag Of Shame and I am too ashamed to show it until I get it all moving again.


Lucia said...

Be not ashamed! It happens to the best of us. Juggle, juggle, slog. Sorry about the car. Maybe some absurdly wealthy movie star will hire you to do all his knitting?

sopranospinner said...

I myself put my loose change in a secret place for "emergency yarn money" in case of a need for sock yarn.

However, if you run out remember:
1) you are getting a spinning wheel, leads to more yarn.
2) Knitpicks
3) I have plenty put away for the moment. Feel free to ask!

Our family is CONSTANTLY broke as broke can be so I totally understand. Plus as soon as we have a little cushion (and I mean little) a car breaks down. Every time. So I do empathize!

Cambria said...

Hey Honey! You know I understand the carma of the vehicle. My car needs a tranny seal, an oil pan seal, and a front engine seal too. Way.Too.Expensive. So I leak everywhere I drive. (And I too have begun to aquire more sock yarn than I can actuall knit in 6 months time.)

Will Pillage For Yarn said...

Lucia, you know... I work near CBS. Perhaps I'll put a discreet sign in the window of my shop on the weekends, "Will knit for movie stars, please apply within and carry me away from all this." Do you think my manager will go for it? *grin*

Soprano, I hear you on the car. That's *exactly* what happened to me. I had a little money in the bank, and whammo, dead car. We normally do the loose change in a tzedaka box - we don't go to church so don't tithe regularly. This is my alternative to that. As much as I'd love to be my own charity, that's earmarked for other people and I don't have *that* much loose change! *grin* We'd have more if we didn't use a pay washer/dryer, but as it is, quarters are worth more than gold around here.

Cam, I drove around for months leaking everywhere before poor Tess gave up the ghost. I seem to have done *more* damage by waiting on the repairs. I wish my mechanic would take handknit socks as payment.

Knitting Bandit said...

I really like the scarf. What yarn and pattern? I hear you about the knit from your stash--I SO need to do that. Unfortuanately I have five or six sweaters worth of yarn in my stash (we won't talk about hat and scarf and blanket stash) and I am suddenly totally addicted to socks! I have enough stash for ten pair, okay maybe 15 pair. I've told myself that everytime I finish a pair, I can buy yarn for another pair. The trick will be to buy for JUST one!

Will Pillage For Yarn said...

KB, it's Lisa Souza's El Dorado in Wild Things and the pattern is brooke's column of leaves scarf which you can find easily on google or linked off various free knitting sites.

I wish you luck on the sock yarn plan. My problem is I usually buy one to replace what I just knit and then one just cos and maybe another cos it's shiny and... that way lies stash overload.

Roxie said...

I assure you, if you honestly start to run OUT of yarn, I will send you a pound or two from MY stash. Cancel the panic. You have fallback!