Saturday, January 06, 2007

Fine. I'm gonna do the Knit From Your Stash thing. I just am. Because otherwise, I'm going to be visiting Kaleidescope Yarns (who sent me a sale email today) and then it leads to Webs and then maybe Stitch Diva and you know, that way lies no groceries.

Call me a joiner.

I think I'm gonna amend it a little bit though, and say that sock yarn *does* count, so probably I should add sock yarn to the whole proscribed yarn shopping thing. Or maybe do what another commenter suggested and save loose change, and let that be my 'sock yarn does not count' money (the temptation here is to skip doing laundry and add precious laundry quarters to the kitty so as to make it grow faster) and when I have accumulated enough for a skein, I may buy one. But really, it counts. And I've got enough. I know. I took a picture. There's proof. So it counts.

And please stop emailing me sale notices, you yarn companies. That's dirty pool.

Also, to the folks at Blue Moon Fiber Arts who make that awesome Socks That Rock, I'd appreciate it if you come up with no new colorways to order on the site until, say, September. Take a long vacation. You've earned one.


Lucia said...

Hey, so you smell a little funky. That way people will leave you alone, and you'll have more knitting time.

Yeah, sigh, I should do it too, but I've only managed to state my intention to think before I buy. Hey, it's a start.

Kat said...

Rain, darlin - do yourself a favor and unsubscribe from the sale note mailing lists.

Will Pillage For Yarn said...

I think it's a great start, Lucia. One gets nowhere without intention!