Saturday, April 29, 2006

I can find yarn anywhere.

For example. Last night at Fetish Disco, I spotted a grown man wearing a knit Spiderman bodysuit and a knit Mexican wrestler ski style pullover mask with a Guy Fawkes face/mustache done in intarsia (I'm guessing, I didn't actually ask to look at the workmanship.) Over this, he'd pulled a black velvet matador's jacket and a satin Chinese brocade hat with fake queue attached. A Kabuki mask completed the ensemble, however, he did not actually wear it, he just waved it around and held it over his bits while he danced. And. Um. Stuff. I think probably he was fairly warm, under all that knitwear.

I'm not sure what fetish that is and I'm not sure I EVER want to know.

I sure wish I'd gotten a picture because that was so You Knit What, if I had? I'd have totally won at the internets.

I also think I probably met all the knitters in the place. You could tell they were knitters because they had stuck knitting needles into their hair as fashion. I swear, it's like knitting radar. We seek each other out, we attract each other, it is knitting magnetism. Still, I think there needs to be a, I dunno, Secret Knitting Handshake. Neon sign. Something. We would rule the world.

Resistance is futile.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

I am so excited. I turned the heel on the first Cam sock tonight! Zipping right along. While they may not be done before baby comes, they'll be done before baby is 2, of that I am sure! I've been so fraught about knitting for another knitter but I'm so pleased with these, I love the stitch pattern, feel confident that the workmanship is fine, the yarn choice is good and Cam will be happy with them. So that's making it easier! That's all I ever wanted really, and why I ripped them out so many times. They just had to feel right, that's all.

Fetish Disco at the El Rey tomorrow night! Which, for me, not so much on the fetish or the disco and some aspects of this thing are just a leetle too precious/scene for my taste. But the DJ's are reputedly quite good and I could use a night of dancing. I really just want to dance until they turn on the lights and play the "go home now" music. The rest of it can carry on around me. Really, I'd honestly rather stay home and knit but it's been so stressy lately that I'm really fighting the urge to over-hermit and slide into the doldrums. A night out with blinky lights and fabulous people will be a spirit lifter. I really do have to watch the hermiting though. When I start actively thinking up excuses not to leave the house? That's the time I really need to leave the house. I'll have all day Saturday and most of Sunday to chill out and knit because Mr. YP is off at XaraDulzura spinning fire till Sunday night.

Em's arm is doing better. Still very hurty, but I think Not Broken and the ortho guy gets a gold star on his chart.

Also, no picture alas, but please to welcome "Jake" to the planet, Jake who was born on Tuesday, weighed in at 7 lbs and who is getting a red Rosebud (as yet unfinished) cardi. Baby is reportedly thriving, healthy and doing great. Tiny miracles abound.

Quicktime movie clips of Machina Candeo. Betty Blowtorch gig at the bottom (super secret clip!) and McFinale both show Mr. Yarnpirate in all his flaming glory. He's the tall guy in the jeans with the firestaff in the Betty clip and up on the steps in the Finale clip.

What're you still doing here? There's flaming staves, poi, nunchuks, fans, hula hoops and PRETTY PEOPLE to go look at!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I've gotten about 4" done on the first Cam sock. How did I accomplish this at last? Well I did it while sitting in the emergency room waiting for Em to get xrayed and then again today at the orthopedist's office. In the last 24 hours we have:

1. Been told that Emily broke her arm.
2. In two places.
3. By two emergency room doctors.
4. After a 4 hour wait.
5. In the hallway of the ER.
6. Had to wrangle an appt. with a specialist.
7. Who then informed us that the arm was not broken.
8. In either place.
9. And charged me another $150.
10. Not covered by my insurance.
11. Handed me an ace bandage.
12. And sent us home.

Em was sad because she wanted a blue fiberglass cast for her friends to sign and an ace bandage isn't as good as a cast. You can't sign it. It itches. It flops and sags. It looks "dorky". She would prefer not to wear it and if it is not broken why then does mother insist on ice and elevation? Please, there are people to IM, kthxbye. Except, maybe it hurts too much to do the catbox. Yes, sitting here on the sofa with an ice pack might be just the thing.

That's right. Two emergency room doctors misread her xrays and the orthopedist insists that she really just has some soft tissue injury and a deep bone bruise. For which we are grateful. Except I have to confess to a little bit of suspicion and anxiety about whether or not he's right and would like the hand of G-d to come down and write the answer "Broken" or "Not Broken" down for me so I know for sure. Because I am QUITE sure that it would be an accurate diagnosis. Because how could two ER docs be wrong? I suppose we'll know in a week when it is either healed or not healed, sore or not sore.

How did this happen? Miss Grace Incarnate fell out of a (parked) jeep.

The sock looks really good, though.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Some of you have asked, "Well Yarnpirate, where was MEESTER Yarnpirate while you and the Handsome Australian Cabin Boy and the Evil Overlord were off carousing with llamas?"

To which I would say, he and the elder child were off playing with fire in a cemetary all night.

We have so much fun.
here's a llama
Here's a llama and a llama and a little moldy baby llama.

there's some llamas
Yet more llamas with some llamas.

and some sniffy little llamas
Friendly llamas.

duck family

sockbucks II
Mocha, mocha, give me mocha.

Sock grapevine

grandma and pirate
Why we went.

Sunday, April 23, 2006


My daughter is the most stunning creature on the planet and there are times when I am completely stunned by how fabulous she is.
Well that was just a hellaciously long, fraught weekend. My grandma's facility is beautiful, classy and filled with mostly happy but very confused old people. She had no idea who I was. My grandfather is (not quite as) confused, but very not happy. I visited the cemetary that nobody visits and left roses for my other grandmother. Honestly, I don't know what's worse, dying and having a stone that obligates people to visit a place you aren't, or having a stone and nobody to visit it. When my time comes, there won't be a stone. Maybe a tree somewhere. You know? Put my ashes underneath it, forget where you planted it and get on with living. I am filled to bursting with age and mortality and have very few words to express the experience. SO I'm really not going to try.

No fiber, but I did come home with a lot of llama pictures. Most of which I've not managed to edit yet. Of course. I will post them soon. They were very damp, grotty, filthy little llamas, as this photographic evidence proves. I'm not sure what was all over the baby llama. Spanish moss? Mold? Mud? Something worse? My aunt says it's been raining for a month and a half up there and the llamas live outside. Who knows what lurks in the hearts and fleece of those llamas?


While I admit to viewing llamas and alpacas as so much yarn on the hoof, I have to confess to a certain reluctance and lack of know how when it comes to the part where one must actually deal with the matted, stinking, filthy mess that was masquerading as fur. Perhaps my spinning fu is not up to that challenge yet. Perhaps I am a wimp. Whatever the answer, I will be buying my llama from the local yarn store, washed and carded and carefully measured into sweet smelling, reasonably priced 8 oz bags for at least the forseeable future. My aunt also owns a Bactrian camel. She informs me that it is fabulous spinning fiber as well. The camel, being of a somewhat foul disposition, smelly and at least as grotty as the llamas, is welcome to keep it. I know. I'm probably gonna get drummed out of the knitting community for this. It's just, I had no actual idea of what it takes to get fiber from the animal to the spindle.

My aunt's farm will be there. Grasshopper will learn to pluck the pebble from the master's hand (take a few spinning classes) and then, well, watch out. It's llama combing time. I will instead entertain you with a chronicle of our trip.

gunner's mate Goth Bear, reporting for duty.

Handsome cabin boy 1
The Handsome Cabin Boy took the wheel.

Goth Bear II
We stopped at a tea house in Fresno for a restorative cup of Assam (caffeine! yay! Necessary! 6 hour drive!) and some buns. Goth Bear tried his hand at knitting. I had to take the sock away from him once the food came...

as I was worried that he might make a terrible mess with yarn. This little tea house was fabulous and we found it entirely by accident. I took the wrong freeway exit trying to find us some lunch and we discovered the Tower District, Fresno's answer to North Hollywood. Cute little street full of shops and places to eat, full of lots of tattooed, pierced, dyed, funky people. We felt right at home. So instead of salad bar, we ate buns, drank excellent tea and ogled interesting people. In Fresno. Who knew?

Teazer, on Olive, Fresno CA. Try the pork buns. Yarrrr.

Handsome Cabin Boy II
Every pirate should have an Australian on board. Or just, an Australian.

Sockbucks I
There was a theme. That theme was, hand over the marble mocha thingie and put in an extra espresso shot please. Or I will hurt you. Kthxbye.

This Starbucks was really funny. It was like, in the middle of a field. There was NOTHING around except an attached Carl's Jr. It just appeared like a little oasis of caffeine on the 99, somewhere in Madera County. It was full of cowboy types and there were farm trucks in the parking lot. The image of a shitkicking 6' cowboy in a hat and dusty boots, kicking back with a venti frappucino with caramel sprinkles and extra whipped cream is burned into my brain and is one of the more incongruous things I've seen all week.

wheel of shame
See this? This lives in the Pirate Mum's living room. It has not touched fiber in about 20 years. It is an elaborate dustcatcher. The Pirate Mum will not share. This is the WHEEL OF SHAME. I swear, she keeps it in the living room to mock me. Or torture me. I want to organize hordes of sea shanty singing, grog swilling fiber addicts to descend upon the house and liberate the wheel. To my living room. The day my mother forks over the Wheel of Shame, is the day that I will commit to dealing with an entire batch of llama from animal to the wheel.

I post more pictures tomorrow.

Llamas are charming creatures. Australians are excellent traveling companions. And thank god for corporate coffee culture along the 99 corridor.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Llama or bust!

The Yarn Pirate will be no esta aqui till Sunday night.

Friday, April 21, 2006

I think I may have mentioned that there is all manner of grandparental drama going on in the YP-verse, yes? Well, there is.

My paternal grandmother, bless her, is 94 and just very old and I think she is probably not long for this earth. So that is hard. We were once very close before she got very forgetful, and I love her to pieces. She's been the most important woman in my life for so long, she is the font of unconditional love and acceptance and I will miss her very much. I actually already miss her a lot because she doesn't remember anyone really and it's been a long time since I really got to be with her. I feel good that she is happy right now. She is living in a nice sunny place with plenty of help, there is bingo, and if she doesn't always know where she is, that's ok, the people around her are kind and gentle. I don't worry about her too much. She knows she is loved even if she can't always remember by who and she's had an amazing life. One day soon I'm sure we'll have to say goodbye. I want to see her again before that happens.

My maternal grandfather is having some serious troubles. I can't go into it here really, but suffice it to say the situation is emergent and all kinds of wrong. It has landed square on the YP's mother to handle all of it because she is relatively local to the drama. The YP's mother is a strong and wonderful lady, but the woman seriously needs a hug. Maybe some Xanax. Definitely a nice cold beer.

Given that my two remaining grandparents live not too far from one another as the crow flies, I am trekking up into California's Central Valley to visit them over the weekend. Mostly I'm going to offer my mom some moral support, a cold one and a great big hug. But I had to work some fiber in there somewhere, right? That's right, plans are afoot to visit my aunt's llama farm. Once there, I hope to shamelessly trade on our family ties and cajole, con, wheedle, beg (there might be tears) some fiber. There will definitely be llama pictures appearing here, in this blog, come Monday or so.

Fiber hopes aside, the weekend is going to blow ropy goat chunks. In spades.

The Handsome Cabin Boy is coming along on the road. Alas, Mr. Yarn Pirate cannot go. He and Machina Candeo will be busy playing with fire at a cemetary on Saturday - if you're in LA, go check out the Betty Blowtorch movie party at Hollywood Forever Cemetary. This is okay though, as Handsome Cabin Boys (hereafter known as HCB) are excellent for moral support and help with driving, also to see llamas and seeing as how the HCB is from Australia, he has not yet experienced the cow poo reek of the bovine infested middle of California. An experience not to be missed. We leave at 6am.

Good times. And if the back of the Toyota is not stuffed with llama at the end of it or if I have not even retained the promise of llama? I will be very, very sad. There will definitely be tears.

If you are in the Los Angeles area tonight, however, and want an experience that does not reek of cow poo, then please come to Synergy Cafe 'roundabout 8pm. There will be bellydancers, there will be music, there will be fabulous coffee and yummeh pastry and I will be there somewhere with a clipboard, safety pins and cat herding stick. You will know me by the black sari, stompy boots and somewhat harried expression. Come on out and say hi!

4455 Overland Avenue, Culver City CA (parking in the back).

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Blogger is pissing me off. I have this comment I want to leave in Franklin's blog on his Buddha post and naturally, because it is URGENTLY FUNNY, Blogger won't let me. Blogger is being fairly wanktastic. Again. I've tried to leave this thing five times. I keep doing the word verification and it keeps telling me to TYPE IT IN EXACTLY and I keep typing it in EXACTLY and then it tells me again and then I want to throw my laptop at the cat.

Okay. So. Favor. Do you read Franklin? Someone go over there and leave a comment and tell him to come here are read my comment. Thanks. I owe you one.


Franklin. I am laughing. "Fruits of Meditation." Lemonade came out my nose. Ow. I blame you.

Okay. Idea time. To go with your Knitting Goddess illustration. Can't you just picture Dolores as a bodhisattva?

The Ewe In The Lotus.

Vivid mental image, non?

okay, so, that's it, that was my big comment and I thought it was funny, anyway. I'd like, so buy that if it were on a shirt. Maybe a nice avocado colored Jr. tee. Which, while I've got you here... I wanted to tell you, I'm not a huge Cafepress kind of girl because goth=likes black and Cafepress has a serious lack of black clothing. Recently, last week even, I wore color just because one of your designs was on it. I wore PINK for you, Franklin. Well, actually, salmon. That's how much I like your peektures. I like them enough to buy Cafepress.

Bodhisattva. It could be a winner.

And while I'm on the topic of Buddhism, you know, I love Tibetan Buddhism because while they have a few compassionate bodhisattvas, most of 'em, the vast majority, are the whomping kind. Dharmapalas. The "Hi I'm an incarnation of Buddha and I'm here to kick your ass until you get your head out of it." variety. They are compassionate while they whomp you with the clue by four but BY JOVE YOU WILL GET A CLUE.

It seems needful, somehow, in this day and age. No, you aren't going to go to hell for impure thoughts. Yes, you can eat bacon. But don't be a jerk. Dharmapalas know when you are sleeping.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

proof that yarn people will make a cosy for *anything* in *any* theme, out of yarn.

Flying Spagetti Monster Dildo Cosy.

Had to rip back about 20 rows of the right front panel on the current Rosebud Cardi due to a stupid mistake I made while knitting at the dog park. Cast on again for Cam's socks in a new skein of yarn, the other was not making me feel happy. Otherwise, there is very little knitting news to be relayed here. 2 more pregnancies have been announced in my little community of goffic mamas and I gotta say. Guys. SLOW THE HECK DOWN. There are only so many little sweaters I can churn out here. Is it something in the water? Maybe it just seems so odd to me because my kids are so close to being grown. Admittedly, I started young. Maybe this mid 30's baby boom is normal. Whatever the reason, I'm going to be very busy knitting baby bat gear for the next couple of years, I can tell.

I am doing very well with the not buying any new craft crap resolution. So far, I figure I've Not Purchased about $25-$30 bucks worth of stuff. That is to say, stuff that I either picked up and had a reaaaally hard time putting down or bookmarked for May 1. That's actually not a lot of money, but I've been busy and not had much time to spend either online or in yarn stores. It hasn't been much of a challenge yet, but I'm starting to feel itchy. Sadly, that same lack of time means that I haven't had any free time to use up what I've already got. It's just sitting there. Can I survive extending this into May? How are y'all doing with that one?

My pal from SP6, the Jersey Knitter sent me a Tricoteuses Sans Frontieres pin! I have stuck it on my knitting bag and am feeling very happy to see it there. Thanks so much!!! It was a nice surprise!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Today was nice. The roach guy came, finally, and we had to get out of the house for a while. Em and I went to the dog park and then out to lunch at Fred 62 with Tiki in tow. The waiter brought her a bowl filled with ice water and I handfed her little nibbles of bacon and hamburger patty and people walked by and gave her compliments. She's so well behaved about it and I love taking her to cafes and coffeehouses that cater to dogs.

So the exciting thing was that Noah Wylie (ER, hotness! melty! librarian movie!) was sitting inside. So naturally I was all blase about it and didn't eyeball him too hard when I walked by or smile or even acknowledge that I recognized him. Inside, it sounded a little like this:






I might have even jumped up and down in the bathroom a little and hugged myself. But I'll never tell and you never would have known it from my cool, calm, collected exterior.

I didn't stop or anything because you just don't poke at people having lunch. It's rude. A guy orders a cheese sandwich and you know, he wants to enjoy his sandwich in peace and quiet. Or at least as much peace and quiet as one can get in a bumpin' LA scenester cafe. No no. In LA, one must chill out, employ strategy and not act like a babbling fangirl in restaurants. My strategy was that I was seriously hoping that he would walk past our table on the way out, because there is NO WAY that anyone walking by could resist the power of cute that is Tiki.

tiki and sadie, running i

And then, I'd have had a REASON to talk to him. About my dog. Which is better than nothing. However, so sad, he walked down the other street and therefore there was no cute ray employed and he did not stop and I did not get to talk to him and btw, Noah, I love you.

My only solace lies in that I did not act like a drooling freak. No, I just came home and wrote about it on the internet. Because, you know, nothing freaky about that.

5 places

Five places that I have knit that are not my house or yarn store:

1. At any number of restaurants around the LA area.
2. Pool halls
3. Bars and goth clubs
4. At the dog park (this is probably my most frequent not at home knitting venue.)
5. At the beach, huddled under a parasol, trying to shield myself from the evil of the Daystar.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Things like what happened in Tel Aviv today really break my heart. Things like that make me angry. You know, all I can think of to say is STOP. Just knock it the hell off. And yeah, that's really effective. I am sorrowful for the people who died and their families. I am also glad for the people who didn't, who walked away.

I am grateful for every miraculous tale of survival that is being told over and over right now. For every random convergence of events that made it so that someone did not die.

I am trying to find a reason for why 9 people didn't have that same luck and I really can't.

There just really aren't words for things like this.

Friday, April 14, 2006

The summer IK preview is up.

Holy, holy, there's actually a LOT of stuff I think I want to knit in that sucker. Normally there's like, one or two but this issue is jampacked with yarny goodness. I like the eyelet chemise, the lotus tank, bonita, icarus and the fairy net shirt. I like the bias corset, the evening star top, the cambridge jacket and looking glass. I also think the socks look rather interesting and that pea pod baby set is adorable. This issue looks to be good value.

The new Knitty has got me feeling somewhat lukewarm, alas.


Also, I'd just like to share my fabulous, new, vegan boots for tomorrow's wedding. Et voila.


Do you think this is too extreme for a wedding?

I am having the WORST time figuring out what to do with my hair.

It should be noted that the dreads are MADE WITH YARN. So it's suitable for a knitting blog. Nyah.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

We aren't having a seder.

We aren't going to a seder.

We are doing none of these things because last night after posting in her blog, Yrs. Truly thought, "I suppose I should figure out when Passover actually is and invite some people over and figure out whether or not I should toss the Cream of Wheat." and then promptly started watching a movie with Mr. Yarnpirate, got distracted and forgot all about it.

And um. That whole, having the seder thing? That'd be tonight. Yep. The calendar says so.

It should be noted that while I have at least four hagaddahs, the Santa Cruz Hagaddah, one that I can't read that is entirely in Hebrew, a feminist goddess oriented hagaddah and one for kids, I can't find any of them except the Hebrew one. WHICH DOES ME NO GOOD AT ALL. Because I can't read it.

I hope that G-d forgives me. I'm sure that G-d knows I'll be thinking about being free and exodus and slavery and all that even though we have no seder plate, no brisket, no chicken, and no bitter herbs and also the house is full of Barilla pasta that I got on sale for $1 a box, not to mention all the Cream of Wheat.

It is possibly ironic that I have all the stuff to fill Easter baskets in my closets and I got that all sorted out about a month early. Please note, we don't even celebrate Easter, I just really like the idea of egg salad and all those malted chocolate eggs, and baby rabbits signify Easter because apparently they stuck the cross into a rabbit hole and the brown of the chocolate reminds us of the death of Our Lord because it's the same color of the wood on the cross and the baby ducks are.... and also, I am on the moon, with Steve. And I was dead at the time. ciao*

Right then. My point here is, I'm completely unused to thinking in terms of the Jewish calendar. I'll get the hang of it by next year, I'm sure.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

You know you grew up in a VERY LAX (read, mostly not observant) Reform household when Pesach comes and you think, "Well gosh. What is everyone fussing about?" because as far as you know, all you need to do is buy a chicken, some potatoes, a few bottles of wine and find the Hagaddah from wherever it was on the shelf that you stuck it a year ago.

I had no idea you had to do so much cleaning and special stuff for Passover. I don't remember different dishes, special covers on the counters or really doing anything particularly special for Passover. I don't think my dad even threw out the bread. I didn't even realize Passover was coming until Trader Joe's started carrying matzah and I thought, "Oh! Matzah! I love that!" and then it occurred to me that I should be planning to have people over for dinner maybe and a seder might be appropriate and OMG it is PASSOVER and there is STUFF to do and if I were any good, I would be observant and prepared and I am yet again a Jewish person who does not have clue.

I feel very compelled to email the woman whose home we used to go to for seders, and apologize for not appreciating all her hard and invisible work.

So I found this Reform guide to Pesach.

I have the stupidest questions. Like, is minute Cream of Wheat chametz or is it okay? It cooks under 18 minutes. But it's wheat. Do you throw all the grains out but matzah? It is very confusing. I have to confess that I never thought about this before so I have tons of grainy stuff in the house. I can't afford to replace it. I just bought 10 boxes of Barilla on sale for $1 each. Maybe I can just put it all out on the porch?

Yes. Like I said. I am La Belle Jew Sans Clue.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Why is it that whenever Mr. Yarnpirate and I try to have a "date night", one of the children invariably starts projectile vomiting, someone else misses the bus and we don't eat dinner until 10pm?

Why is that?

Is this Nature's way of insuring that we have no new children? Some twisted Universal method of birth control? Because I just want to say, Universe, I've got it handled. I'm on it. You can relax. Really, it would be fine. My OBGYN and I have discussed the matter thoroughly. We could skip the yakking portion of date night.

Will Mr. Yarnpirate and I EVER HAVE A DATE AGAIN??

This was probably way TMI but I have no knitting content whatsoever. So, you know, I thought I'd just announce to the world via my blog that there is projectile vomiting (and not a hell of a lot else) going on over here Chez Yarnpirate tonight. Because I'm sure you really needed to know that.

Y'all live for these little glimpses of our cosy family life, I know.

Right then. Carry on.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

The Gothic Bellydance DVD is now available from Tempest for the low low price of $20. And you get two of her fab magnets as a thank you gift. Now my SP7 spoilee might recognize some of the artwork here at Med Devi Ink by Tempest, and it is exciting to see her branching out into some new things. She is going on tour and if you get a chance to see her, you really should take advantage and go! She's a nice gal and is a very exciting dancer. I'm dying to take one of her workshops the next time she hits the So Cal area. I missed her classes at Convergence 11 last spring because I had to drive home early. Woe. Anyway, there's supposed to be some FABULOUS pieces on this DVD and I can't wait to see it. If you like bellydance or goth subculture, this is definitely a must-have addition to the DVD shelf.

Speaking of SP7, I believe I spilled that it was Shannon who was my super fab secret spoiler, but I never did tell who I was spoiling, and that would be Jess. Jess is a bellydancer like me and knits fabulous sweaters that I find inspiring. I had a great time being all seeekrut at her.

I really have no exciting knitting to discuss. I am about halfway through the decreases on the Rosebud cardi back and I just wound up the first skein of my Knitpicks laceweight (shadow, in 'vineyard') and cast on for the Hanging Vines stole by Sivia Harding which has been sitting in my projects pile for a while. I had a frogfest and the Go Everywhere cardi is no more. I suppose it may seem fickle, but I was really unhappy with it and would prefer to actually end up with a FO that I like and want to wear. A lace project sounds like just the thing right now anyway.

I am having a hard time not buying any craft supplies or yarn, shiny things are crawling out of the woodwork. Making that donation to MSF is going to be very rewarding. I decided that every time I get a serious yen to buy something and don't cave, the cost is getting added into the MSF total.

Today I did not buy $15 worth of fiber from Black Bunny Fibers.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

When given the choice between the inlaws and traffic court, I choose..... traffic court. Especially as I haven't quite figured out how I want to handle the MiL after the Jew comments. So the inlaws are coming to take my mom for lunch (she is visiting) and I am going to handle a fix it ticket at traffic court.

I'm feeling a lot better. This whole respiratory thing has been horrible. I'm still coughing, I'm still not well but I am mending quite nicely, things are clearing up and I can at least walk around without getting short of breath now. Modern medicine is wonderful. Yay antibiotics that work! I've been thinking a lot about people who don't have access to health care in the past few days. Elsewhere in the world and here at home too. There are so many people in this country without access to medical care and adequate drugs because they lack insurance and public health is so over-extended in most areas. It bugs me. So I'm doing this, with thanks to my most excellent SP7 who posted about it in her blog this morning.

Use What You Have Month. Can you spend a month and buy NO craft supplies, no yarn, no buttons, no needles, no impulse purchases of anything at the craft store? No paper, no glue, no shiny things at all. I think I can. I'm gonna try.

I decided that since I'm so hot under the collar right now about lack of health care, at the end of the month I'm turning around and I'm donating what I think I saved (will probably average what I normally spend in a month) to Doctors Without Borders. Which they don't tell you to do, but it's kind of important to me right now.

In other news, I think I need to post a PSA educating non knitters about how to tell the knitters in their lives that they are expecting a baby. The way NOT to do this would be to call and say "We're having a baby! In two weeks!" thus giving the knitter no time to plan and knit something wonderful. Much better to schedule all pregnancies in advance, perhaps coordinating your calendar and due date with the knitter's, to best max out knitting convenience. Fortunately, when the non knitter in my life did this over the weekend, I was saved because I had the forethought to stash 3 skeins of Jaeger Siena after the last baby sweater. It is enough to knit another Rosebud Cardi. *phew*

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Probably not gonna be any blog content worth reading here for a few more days. I've been too sick to knit or spin or do much about anything. So I'm tucked up here with some hardcore antibiotics, inhalers and druuuugs while my immune system fights it out with the squid flu. Which is no longer squid flu but rather, the same old wheezy asthmatic bronchitis not quite pneumonia aren't you glad you got to the doctor before it turned into pneumonia again thing that I get every winter.

Everyone else gets a cold. I flirt with pneumonia. Is so unfair.

So while I sit here and contemplate my nailbeds turning blue, I leave you with a quick and humorous vignette.

Scene: We are ushered into the inner sanctum of a medical office, ie, the exam room. Yesterday.

The venerable Dr. enters, stage left, wearing a little paper mask. Masked, no doubt because he heard the sounds of PLAGUE emanating from within.

The younger child, who is keeping me company, says "Hey Doc, why're you wearing a mask?"

To which the good doctor replies, "To keep me healthy."

"Really?" Child looks a little dubious. "Does it really work?"

"Well if this doesn't work, I suppose I could pray to stay healthy." quips the doc.

Child says, completely deadpan. "No, I think that only works in the red states. Better keep the mask."

BWAHHHHHH. Thank you ladies and gentlemen, my youngest daughter. She'll be here all week. Don't forget to try the veal.