Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Time to knit? What time to knit? Holiday retail means that maybe I can get a round in on a sock while standing in line at Starbucks at the mall for my umpteenth venti triple shot latte. Time to knit... *snort*

Must admit that I spent a few minutes giggling at the kids who were peering in the windows of Santa's Gingerbread House last night, they were all dressed up with slicked back hair and mary janes because, of course, PHOTO OP! and they were kinda cute and I felt my little icicle heart begin to melt. So I guess even Grinchy MacHolidayRetailerson can be a little affected by the season. Ask me again on the 27th, though.

I am reminded that most folks are pretty darn good. Take, for example, my pal Cam over at Knit Along Little Doggie (too tired to do html here but you can access her blog via my blogroll on the right) who is taking up a collection for a family of a GI who just shipped out to Iraq. New baby and lots of bills means a sparse Christmas, so even though my friend Cam is a new mama with challenges of her own, she's working hard to insure that this family gets some nice stuff for Christmas.

My friend Nic did the same thing, just asked folks to please buy something for her Salvation Army adopt a family, instead of buying her a gift this year. She does this every year and every year she manages to wipe out an entire family of 4's whole list including appliances, clothing, toys and food. People really step up.

These are my big damn holiday heroes this year. I haven't managed to adopt any families, but I'm grateful for my friends who do and then graciously give other folks the opportunity to join in the fun. They make it better for everyone. Thanks, you guys.

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