Friday, December 01, 2006

Show us ze PEEEKTURES! you might be saying. Okay well I don't have any. But I'll try to take some this weekend. The problem is that I can't take any of my Knitty Gritty project, so you can't all ooh and ah over it with me. And I've done a few more repeats of the column of leaves scarf, but that's not really at the 'visually interesting' stage yet. What this means is that my blog is not visually interesting again today. Sorry. :-(

The KG sock for DIY is coming along swimmingly and I am just done knitting the gusset for the first heel and have commenced to turn. It is not a tangled wad of yarn vomit any longer and I was not, in fact, having difficulties because I was on drugs. The producer sent me the wrong chart. Erhm. Once I got the right chart, things began going along swimmingly. It's a really fun, fast knit. I must say that I adore this designer very much. I'm not nutty about gusset/flappy heels, I prefer a short row heel and generally adapt all patterns to that. Seeing as hows I'm doing this for television, I figgered I'd do it as written. But it has really cemented my adoration of the short row heel and if I ever knit these sockies again, which I think I will cos it's a FAB pattern, I'll be adapting the heel.

I think I've pretty much decided that I'd rather not have the back stuff be totally 'gone' and deal with the tummy aches from Motrin than take that blasted Ultram anymore. Running around in a perpetual fog, unable to drive and really function is not my preferred state of being. I hate prescription painkillers. They're always fun on the first day and then by the second and third I start to get irritated and by about the fourth, I say "f*ck it, I'd rather hurt." and go back to Motrin. Because you know, I have stuff to do, charts to knit, children to feed. I start PT on Monday. Work should be interesting on the weekend, I have 2 8 hour shifts on my feet. I predict that by Monday I will be pretty damn gimpy.

Have a great weekend, y'all. Be excellent to each other.


Lucia said...

Urgh. Best of luck and good wishes. On the healing, I mean: I'm sure the KG will be a smash success.

Marvie said...

Hi there, new commenter here but thought I'd give you a possible better option on the drug front. I have back issues, sounds kind of like what you've had happen, and about a year ago the doc put me on Naproxen. It doesn't mess with your ability to do anything, it's like Motrin only works way better I find. I had to go in last year bc of pain and I told the doc the vitamin M (what the military calls motrin) wasn't working, asked for soemthing that would kill the pain but leave me finctional. I wasn't seeking mind altering drugs, just pain relief! He gave me the Naproxen and I'm happy with it. (Also helps with cramps! yay!)

So, maybe see if they'll give you a script for that?

Good luck, pain sucks =(

Roxie said...

Get an elastic back support belt like construction workers wear. It doesn't make you stronger, but it keeps the area warm, and reminds you not to hurt it. And try Thermowraps. It's like a heating pad you can wear. Part of your pain is muscle spasm, and mild steady warmth helps the muscles relax.

I had a herniated disc. No surgery. I'm feeling much better now.