Monday, December 25, 2006

Santa brought me a whopping case of food poisoning for Christmas. So I am confined in the bedroom trying to keep gatorade down, while the rest of the fam digs into traditional Greek roast lamb, potatos, a huge salad, spanakopitas and tiropitakia (homemade by my mother and are teh bomb) and cake. All I can say is that the universe has a pretty messed up sense of what is funny. After the last month of holiday retail, don't you think I coulda had Christmas, Santa dear? I didn't really want salmonella, just sayin. Yarn would have been okay.

Christmas morning was pretty much ruined by me dashing from the room every 5 seconds, but I *did* get to see the kids open their stockings and I got to see Tiki open HER stocking and the cats had THEIR stockings and that was jolly fun. And then I just gave up and retreated.

So here's a round of Pollyanna's Glad Game for ya.

1. I am glad nobody else got sick.
2. I am glad mom is here to make food for my family so they still have a nice holiday meal.
3. I'm glad I haven't been sick in a few hours and have kept fluids down, because that means that mom the nurse will probably not shove me into the car and to the ER for iv fluids.
4. There was sock yarn in my stocking. :-)
5. I unearthed the christmas knitting!

Ok, so, Universe. Here's the thing. My birthday is in FIVE DAYS. I would like for it not to suck. I would like for it not to be horrible or anyone get sick. I'm not gonna toss down the knucks and say "or else" but I will say, pretty please? It's a kinda lousy way to spend the season, otherwise. I'd appreciate some slack, here.

Everyone else, peace, merry, happy and wonderful. I hope it was good.


sopranospinner said...

It can only improve from here! Have a happy Boxing Day!

Roxie said...

Oh crap! Bummer, bummer, bummer! OK, I'm glad that you have indoor plumbing.

When the therapist asks, "What was your worst Christmas?" You won't have to sit and think about it.

I am sacrificing Lindor Balls to the Goddess of Mercy that your birthday will be a day of joy and kindness, and LOTS of yarn!!

Lucia said...

Oh, no! We did the same thing last year, Miss B, Grant and I. We were glad it was a fast-moving virus, but it wasn't the holiday weight-loss plan we had in mind.

Best wishes for a good birthday and a better New Year.

Geogrrl said...

I'm really, REALLY sorry to hear about your illness; especially after you described the food. That would have broken my heart.

I'm sure your birthday would be fab--I can't see the Universe hitting you like that again in such a short time.