Thursday, December 28, 2006

My dad got the girls ACLU memberships for Xmas. Not sure why Dad thought 2 teenage girls would like ACLU memberships for Xmas. Girls, unsure as well, but then, Dad is somewhat notorious for his somewhat disconnected gift ideas. Hi dad! I love my CD! It's really cool!

Their cards and decals came yesterday.

"Put this card in your wallet." I told Em yesterday. "When you get arrested at peace rallies, it will infuriate the police and Republicans. Also, look, relevant government numbers!" and showed her the back. "Oh and look! You get a decal! It says card carrying member of the ACLU! That's as good as liberal leftie pinko commie scumbag! Put that on your school binder."

"Why?" she asked. Well, not so much asked as said "why" to indicate "I really do not give a shit." but I answered anyway because I was trying to get her engaged.

"SO everyone knows you're socially conscious."

"I AM socially conscious."

"Great!" She was, after all, wearing a "No War" shirt and had just come home from an afternoon spent painting nails and gossiping with the teenage daughter of a notable local peace activist. I could see her progressive leanings! It was exciting! The new generation was being enga....

"I know that Cory Blahblahblah from my school just broke up with Tanya Whosiwhats."

o.O the new generation just brought my brain to a grinding halt. "Um. I was actually referring to a slightly different sort of social consciousness."

"Oh. Well I don't have a wallet anyway. And I don't go to peace rallies. The police and Republicans will just have to go on without me." I didn't point out that she actually does have a wallet made by underprivileged Indian women who work in a collective and whose crafts are sold to provide them with a better life that I bought her LAST christmas because we were being, erhm, socially... oh. hell. What's the point?

"Um. Ok. I'll just. Um. I'll put the decal on the car, shall I?"



Lucia said...

ROFL! Maybe she would like to join the Folk Song Army...

Roxie said...

If you told her to throw it all away and under no circumstances to put that decal on her binder, you would stand a better chance of getting her engaged - but for all the wrong reasons.

I think I love your dad.

Z said...

One of my great great somethings founded the ACLU. Yay for the girls!!!