Tuesday, November 14, 2006

A THRILL A MINUTE. I just cast on my own handspun 2 ply fingering weight yarn (woohoo!) and started knitting this shawl (yes, I know the yarn weights are totally different, that's fine, gauge is irrelevant, it's a shawl) and it is knitting up very prettily. I may end up doing a garter stitch lace pattern on the border a la the peddler's shawl from Folk Shawls, or I may not, we'll see. I have to ply up more singles and then SPIN more. This will truly be a long term process. I'm so excited though. My own handspun. Shiny.

Sock pattern and yarn for Knitty Gritty shoot is en route from DIY, so I get to cast that on too.

I have way too many things on needles or spindles. I'm pretty ADD about my knitting but even I'm beginning to feel like enough is enough. I think maybe I'll have to get a little more disciplined about rotating shit around, cos... yeah. My sidebar is so not accurate. Mostly because of the shame.

Handspun shawl, just started
Icarus shawl, 1.5 body repeats left, then lace can begin
Pomotamus socks, started, ripped out, recast on larger needles, about 5 rows in.
Riley's, Carl's, Insert Baby Name Here's rosebud cardi, about 1/2 done (final name to be determined by who gives birth when I finish it. At this rate, it might be a future grandchild, after one of the girls finishes grad school.)
Brooke's Column of Leaves scarf, 1/4 done
My So Called Scarf, 1/4 done
Serrano, we don't talk about Serrano
DIY socks for Knitty Gritty (must be done by Dec. 7)

Plus I've got about 5 different batches of rovings I'm spinning up on 3 spindles, in turns.

And SO MANY patterns that I'm dying to start.

Ok, so my goal is to not cast on anything new until the end of the year. If I can finish the scarves and the baby cardi, as well as get 1/2way thru Serrano, and make even a little appreciable progress on the rest of it, I'll count it a successful year.

Seduced by shiny, much?


Mouse said...

Pretty shawl- I can't wait to see your version of it! I agree with you about the gauge.. its a shawl. I mean.. gauge -shmage! At worst its a headscarf or a blanket.. hee hee!

Roxie said...

That's one of my favorite shawl concepts. You can't do it wrong. Take it to the movies and let your fingers go. So you get too many garter rows? Call it a design element and go on. I lOVE SHAWLS!!

LizKnits said...

Knitty taping on the 7th? I'm doing an episode on the 6th .. a lace border to add to jacket sleeves or skirts. I think I'm jealous because, I think if you're doing socks, you're with the oh so famous harlot!

Will Pillage For Yarn said...

no, there's more than one sock show, no harlot pour moi :-( but dear sweet zombie jeebus maybe she'll be IN THE BUILDING as the same time as me. OMG. I hope I can get her autograph. *dies*

I am excited about the designer I *am* shooting with, though, and actually have another one of her designs on the needles - the potamatahippomopotamus socks. :-) So I have not got my pattern yet, but I just got my yarn and YAY!

Cambria said...

well, at least you were brave enough to start your Serrano! I, too have many projects on the needles and have sworn off starting another, only to cast on again. Now I have to resort to buying gifts for the inlaws because I don't have time to knit for them now!

Z said...

What Knitty Gritty? I have obviously missed something. Am off to investigate.