Friday, November 17, 2006

The problem with taking muscle relaxers is that you can't then have a glass of red wine with your dinner - the results are often laughable and involve drooling on the tablecloth. "Why, dear Yarnpirate, are you hitting the muscle relaxants?" you might ask. Well. See, it's like this:

11/06 take two terminix guy

This would be the entire contents of my kitchen cupboards, in boxes, on the living room sofa. The Le Creuset, all the rest of the cookware, the vases, and small appliances like blender, bread machine, etc., are not pictured, but trust me, they're not in the kitchen either. We had a visit from the terminix guy again and so for the last 3 days I've done nothing but totally clean my kitchen, pack my kitchen, move my kitchen, then move my kitchen back, unpack it and then thoroughly reclean it. In the process of doing this, I did something really bad to my spine, hence the need to perhaps toss something relaxing back and wash it down with a cup of tea (not red wine, alas.) Everyone mysteriously had plans, was working or elsewhere.

"But we would have helped you!" they are all protesting. Um. Yeah. When, exactly? No no, it's ok. Really. I'll just sit here on the sofa with my ice pack, unable to drink red wine. I'm not riding the great wave of Jewish guilt at all, no, not milking the guilt cow for as long as it lasts. Really, it's amazing the results that a well timed whimper or grimace of pain will produce. Offers of tea, ice cream, the television remote... :-P

Suffice it to say, there's not been a great deal of knitting time in all of that, but I did manage some more rows on the handspun shawl. It's coming along great! Oh, and I found sari silk yarn today on Melrose Blvd., 225 yards for $10 a ball. They have tons. It's a few blocks east of La Brea, on Melrose, I don't know the same of the store but it's on the corner near Westside Rentals, across the street from Necromance (we will not go into the fabulosity that this shop contains) and they also sell a lot of glass pipes. Look for bright Indian styled clothing on racks outside. Go in. To the right, there is yarn. Cheap! You can get around 100 yds in a skein for $4.


Inky said...

I am so sorry you hurt your back. I hope you are back to yourself soon!

And nearly 15 years later I still hate my ex-husband for not letting me buy that fully articulated human skeletal hand.

I lurved Necromance.

Lucia said...

I would have helped you! really! if it hadn't been such a long drive. Excuses, excuses. Hope you feel better.

You know that "honor all living things" thing? I could definitely make an exception for ants.

CraftyHobbit said...

I hear you on the need for muscle relaxers. Did something to my back and had spasms for the last few days. Hope you're feeling better.

By the way, I've been lurking on the blog for awhile and I have to say I really enjoy reading it. Keep up the good work. :)

Z said...

Ouch!!!! I hope you're feeling better and that the muscle relaxers do the trick!!!