Monday, November 13, 2006

It should be noted that perhaps "Grumpy MacGrumpypants" is not exactly the mode of address guaranteed to insure marital harmony on a Monday morning and "darling" is a better option. Or "honey" or even "hey you" probably works better. YAY HARMONY!!! I tell ya, actually, I'm Miss Grumperetta MacGrumpypants III this morning and a grande almond nonfat no whip mocha is not taking the edge off.

Things started way too damn early today. The youngest had a disgustingly early dental appt this morning to see if she fractured a tooth (or two) last week when somebody's awful offspring shoved her down in PE. She didn't. Toofs are just bruised, so we have to keep an eye on it for a while and hope they don't die. She's never had a cavity, I'd hate for her to start her dental experiences with a root canal, y'know?

Don't get me started on how I feel about someone's precious little menace shoving my kid in PE. Unsure if this is the same girl who was throwing soccer balls at Em's head two weeks ago, kicking at her in soccer, and spreading rumors that she's a lesbian, in the locker room. Em did not see who pushed her, as it happened from behind and there were several kids nearby. I'm concerned about the rumors and gossip about sexual preference. In that context, it's abusive. Honestly, it's sexual harrassment. THAT is ILLEGAL as hell and therefore legally actionable if the school allows it to continue. Even if Em isn't the queer kid in this case, SOME kid in the same class is and they're seeing this and it creates a lot of stress and fear. It creates an unsafe environment for everyone. The high school has a good Tolerance club and a Gay/Straight Alliance, but the middle school does not and the kids hurl epithets about preference like they were weapons. I know it's "normal" but it shouldn't be. Couple that with physical violence against her, I start to get worried. The PE coaches, of course, are oblivious (aren't they always?) however I've bitched to both the school psychologist AND the vice principal, so we'll see if that helps. Middle school is one of those levels of Hell that Dante was afraid to write about.

I did get some more spinning done this weekend. Took a tube full of laceweight merino singles that I'd done a while back and plied them up to something resembling fingering weight. There are some thick/thin areas and it is not the world's most consistent yarn, but it's not horribly so. It's obviously novice yarn. However, given that I am still a spinning novice, I think it's pretty damn good and I will proudly knit it up into a lovely shawl.

cow and merino
Moo. Don't know what the hell happened with the color in this one, but it is wildly wrong. I just like this shot, don't ask why the cow.

penny for scale
Penny for scale. This is much closer to the actual color which is white overall with grey, blue and pink running through in a heathery fashion.

How can so much work yield so little yarn?
more scale


Lucia said...

I so sympathize with you on the bullying, especially with the sexual-harassment component thrown in. It's normal only in the sense that kids that age are all about sex. The physical violence is quite disturbing. I'd have raised hell too.

The only upside is that it doesn't last forever, and sometimes the very qualities that make one a target turn out to be valuable later in life. May the kids now tormenting her be forced to stand in line for hours to get her autograph someday. Preferably during a blizzard.

Mouse said...

I'm sorry to hear about what is happening with your daughter. My son is only 5 but has already been beaten up daily on the bus for about 2 weeks before he told anyone about it so that I could put a stop to it. THEN someone's hellspawn threw my son's beloved hat out the window of the bus..

Z said...

Tell Em I'm riding shotgun when we're forced to take matters into our own hands.