Thursday, October 19, 2006

The week in knitting in review: Heavy yarn vomit with a high chance of tequila.

yep, that's right, I had to frog Serrano AGAIN. But. I am tenacious. I cast back on, I put on my thinking cap, I knit both cuff halves together on one circ and I think, I daresay, I have prevailed. THIS TIME, it is going smoothly!

Two cuff halves, joined!

sleeve up close
Close up.

So far, so good. *fingers crossed* The picture doesn't show it well but the stitch count is working out fine and the repeats all line up where they should be and I think I may actually have a SLEEVE starting to form on the needles! WOOO!

Next hurdle: increases. See Rainy rely heavily on her lifeline!

Otherwise, I've been having adventures with tech supports, blinky lights and working lots. Yay!

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Lucia said...

Using a lifeline is prudent, not wimpy.