Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Serrano... powered by too much Halloween candy


Houston, we have one sleeve, about halfway done. Another 6 inches or so and I get to shape the sleeve cap.

Increases: I did this wrong I think? Not sure. But it seems like a wrong that will end up working out ok. It's an m1 on each side, every 7 rows, for a total of 8 increases (on the size I'm knitting). Rather than work the stitches into the pattern and end up with an unbalanced pattern, and because the st st portion will end up seamed on the bottom, I felt okay keeping the lace pattern centered and the increases on the outside of my pattern markers. This will not work on the waist increases/decreases and other shaping in other areas, but for the sleeve it was fine. You won't be able to see the area where the lace becomes st st once it's seamed and on. Now I'm at a point where I can fit another entire repeat on each side so that is going to be a little less "obvious" as I go.

This sweater as a whole is absolutely a little bit outside my current skillset. The finishing process and putting the pieces together in particular are going to be really challenging. Knitting the sleeve first was a good idea, I'm making a lot of mistakes where it's easy to rip or even tink back a row or two and I don't lose too much work. When I get to shaping the body, it will not be as difficult as it seemed the first time 'round. I'm glad I'm sticking with it and I'm having a thoroughly good time with this one. As I've said repeatedly, it is just so clever and well designed.

The only other comment I have to say is that the "miracle of blocking" had better work on this puppy because it looks *extremely* small. The pattern says this will be the case. I now understand why one checks gauge on both unblocked AND blocked swatches. I did not check the blocked swatch, so must knit on and wonder if it is going to fit me in the end and block to pattern specs. It should be ok, it feels like it will block well and I was spot on with unblocked gauge. I reassure myself that if it is too small for me it will most assuredly fit one of the children and my work will not be in vain - but after all this? It had damn well better fit ME.

There is $20 worth of Halloween candy sitting in the snack bin. The children talked me into it and I, because I am STILL having PMS from hell (PMS + Santa Ana conditions = I'm about to go all Raymond Chandler on someone's ass) I did not resist the siren call of Nestle caramel minicrisps, or Kit Kat snack size bars or any of the other "good" candy we got. See, I buy "good" (read: chocolate, brand name) candy. My husband, Mr. Yarnpirate, buys "crap" (read: 50 gallon drum of no name crap that is not even chocolate that hello! no trick or treater in their right mind would want!) candy.

Invariably, if I buy the candy, we end up having to buy more just before Halloween. I am not sure why. I AM sure that the new Dove milk chocolate and caramel squares are quite possibly filled also with crack. That must be why I can't leave them alone.


Lucia said...

Chocolate = legal crack. Especially dark chocolate. Especially Scharffen Berger. (Holy cocoa beans, Batman, I spelled that right!)

The last lace I knit expanded by roughly 1/3 in the blocking. Granted, Serrano is more solid, but not to worry (much).

LizKnits said...

I'm right with you on the trick-or-trick chocolate! Why buy junk not even I would want to eat. What happens if no kids come and there are leftovers!

Great job with serrano ... pat yourself on the back for the perseverance with this project. It's looking beautiful!

roggey said...

LMAO I'm about to go all Raymond Chandler on someone's ass.

Sorry you're feeling so wicked bad, but that was *damned* funny!

Kessa said...

Hi, sorry to bother you here but I sent a request to join the Serrano KAL (maybe the email didn't get through) =)

-Kessa (http://www.kessaknits.blogspot.com)