Saturday, October 14, 2006

Serrano continues to give me fits, but I cast back on a sleeve and after going back through the KAL comments and questions, I think I figured the thing I was having issues with, out. Huzzah. Jeeeeez. Maybe I'm not up to a 'piquant' pattern after all. I will persevere, though, just watch me. I am GLAD I started the KAL because at least other people are making (and solving) the same mistakes as me. This pattern is not easy. But I love it.

I started the new socks yesterday while I was riding the bus and I really liked the pattern I picked but now not so much 3" later. It's a little tight. I may frog and redo something different.

What is it with the frogging? Everything this week, frogged.

Enjoying the fun over at KTS2. Loving the posts and seeing what people are getting from their swap pals. The pictures and descriptions are awesome. I've heard from my most excellent spoiler (and am very anticipatory!) and got my spoilee package off last week - I am told it has arrived, so YAY! I think half the fun is the anticipation of waiting to see what someone thought of your box, you know? This was fun, I'll do it again next time if they have another round, and given that I'm a little broke right now going into the holidays, it's probably good that I'm not doing a full 3 rounds of SP!


Mouse said...

I have entire weeks where I frog more than I knit.. hate that!

Lucia said...

We all have those weeks. Maybe Mercury is retrograde or something?

Kendra said...

I'm so very close to keeping the yarn and the construction of the sweater, but swapping out the pattern stich for something cable.

I've realized that I can't count to 7 for long periods of time. Good thing the weather is already cold and I wouldn't wear this until spring now anyway.

Will Pillage For Yarn said...

Mouse, this was DEFINITELY one of those weeks! Lucia, I don't think it is retrograde right now, more's the pity. I think the cause (in my case) is sitting between the couch and the needles. :-P Kendra, don't give up! We will persevere!