Monday, September 18, 2006

Well the yarn for Serrano is now winging its way to me, as is yarn for the Adamas shawl. I opted to do Serrano in KnitPicks Gloss (black, natch) and am doing Adamas in Lisa Souza's garnet wool laceweight. I just sold the yarn I'd originally bought to knit Rogue with - it is looking more and more like I'll order some KP's Main Line for that one - can't beat the price and it's the right weight and fiber for where I live.

The Tilli Tomas controversy over price fixing that is going on with Sarah's Yarns (they are not being allowed to discount the yarn and the company has stopped supplying them) has really cooled my ardor for this yarn, though I realize that quite a few yarn companies engage in this practice. I don't mind so much if the prices are reasonable, but for what Tilli Tomas is asking for, one would think it had been spun by vestal virgins under a full moon in a flower strewn meadow. Or something. So the Sexy Knitted Bodice is on hold until I figure out a good substitute yarn. I'd considered KP's Andean Treasure, but it's a plied yarn and the Tilli Tomas is a single. I am contemplating soy or bamboo from Southwest Trading Co instead. Something will pop, I'm sure. Anyone come up with a fabulous sub for this one?

I have to finish the following projects and I'm gonna try to have them off the needles by the end of the month:
Mom's birthday socks
Carl's baby sweater (before Carl outgrows it)
My So Called Scarf

I'm planning to cast on for:
Victorian Knitted Tank from IK (need to get the yarn for this)
Serrano (yarn is coming)
Adamas shawl (yarn is coming)
Swallowtail shawl (using stashed yarn in Lisa Souza's Sock! in red)
Sizzle (using stashed cotton yarn for this, need to buy the pattern.)
Sexy Knitted Bodice (looking for a sub for Tilli Tomas, need to buy the pattern.)
and of course, miscellaneous socks.

Which means, I've got most of the yarn and all the patterns I need for all but two of the projects. So I suppose I'd best stop messing around and get knitting. I am NOT knitting any Christmas presents this year. I am a working girl now. I don't have time. I am going to knit for ME. With the exceptions, of course, of Carl's sweater (it probably will not fit me) and MSCS, which I cast on intending to use as a gift for a certain Handsome Painter with whom I am acquainted.

Speaking of working, I closed the shop for the first time yesterday and boy was THAT a comedy of errors. Also, my co-worker went for lunch and never came back, which means my manager had to come in on her day off so that I could have dinner. I am hoping that I am still employed once all my paperwork, math and closing procedure is reviewed. *sigh* It really was just, farcical, yesterday.


Lucia said...

Price-fixing, ugh. (I can't help wondering how the unfettered-free-market-is-best-for-everyone crowd, the ones who oppose living wages and stuff like that, feel about price-fixing.)

Doing anything unfamiliar for the first time is a comedy of errors. Remember learning to knit? Neither do I, actually, but you should have seen my first crochet project.

Mouse said...

[snark] No no.. its only beaded by vestal virgins under a full moon in a flower strewn meadow.. its spun by wood nymphs riding unicorns bareback on MidSummers night. EVERYBODY knows that.. [/snark]

Will Pillage For Yarn said...

OH! Is that it? I got it wrong... I guess the nymphs use the unicorn horns as dystaffs while they spindle. Clever, that.

Lucia, my first sock was really just a comedy of errors.

adrienne said...

You could try using Hipknits silk. I haven't seen Tilli Tomas silk in person, but it seems like they'd be fairly similar. Hipknits silk is lovely.

Jess said...

COPYCAT!!! I guess we could be a two-person KAL for serrano, then. :) Gloss would be a nice choice. I bought a skein for swatching, and it's a niiiice yarn.

As for Tilli Thomas substitutes, have you looked at Mystical Creations Yarns? They're not cheap, but they make a nice silk/merino single. They also have an all-silk, but it's a lighter gauge, so you'd have to do some re-calcing.

Jess said...

Oh, and Andean Treasure is a nice yarn, but be aware:
- I got some wierd spots here and there where the silk content was over-concentrated. Could have been a bad lot, but even if not, it's not entirely unexpected at that price.
- alpaca is super-silky to the touch, but has always given me the pricklies against the skin. if you're not planning on layering, or if you're especially sensitive, you might not like it. (I have some in my stash and can send you some for swatching, if you'd like.)

Jess said...

Whoops! I take back my comments on andean treasure having over-concentrated spots. That was Andean Silk! My Andean Treasure ball was spotless, although I do still get the alpaca pricklies from it. Will send some along today, I promise! BTW, I know you usually go with black, but I'll be sending you some Embers (a dark red heathered with black) is gorgeous, and would really pop against black clothing.