Monday, September 25, 2006

Well the excitement is almost too much to bear over at the Knitters Tea Swap, as stashes are flashing and people are being matched up and getting contacted. Fun! I'm looking forward to it. So I thought that as long as I was flashing my stash to a lot of strangers, I'd flash it here, too.

tea stash flash
I'm out of a lot of my favorite teas. I didn't realize how much the stash had shrunk. Out of most of my favorites! ACK! I almost feel as if I am crawling through the desert, gasping, "Teaaaaaaa...." except, well, er. Not. Because ya know, that's still a lot of tea on the table. So I should really suck it up, ya know?

pot stash flash
Flashing my pot stash, teapot stash, that is. Except this isn't the whole stash, there's a whole bunch more that're packed away in cartons in the closet because we have no room and I'm afraid someone will break them. So these are the 'everyday' pots. Please note the OZ pot there in the lower right corner, it is the latest addition to the collection and a gift from a very dear friend. Matching cups arrived the other day. I am drinking tea in one right now, as a matter of fact. I also tend to collect cow shaped milk pitchers and the one pictured is my favorite. We've got a rather wee elephant, too, but he seems to be missing. :-(

I loves me some tea.

I AM ALMOST DONE with mom's birthday sock and will be finished by tonight. Thank the gods, above and below. Man, longest sock knit EVAR. My yarn for Serrano still has not arrived so no swatching action to show yet, but the Knit Along is kicking up and people are actually joining! How exciting is that, my first knit along!


Mouse said...

Tea-Swap? I missed a Tea-Swap? Great Goddess where the heck was I during all of this? If I'm feeling brave, I'll pull out my tea stash later and post it.

Lucia said...

What mouse said. I love me tea too, the more herbal and crunchy-granola the better.

Jess said...

Tea swap?!? Why was I not informed? Ugh. I'm so homesick for the MIT Loose Tea User Group.

Will Pillage For Yarn said...

The swap is closed now but I believe they'll be doing it again. It's a one time swap unlike SP, which is a little more economically easy on me this time 'round. So just check that URL and I'll post here when they start a new one, ok?