Friday, September 29, 2006

Serrano is proving to be a really exhilarating knit. Seriously. It's one of those edge of your seat knits, for me at least. I'm doing things I've never done before and adding to my bag of knitterly tricks, which I always find exciting. I had a few false starts and had to frog, but now I'm about halfway through the first repeat of the lace chart and I think I've found my groove. The lace pattern is easy to remember and works up really quickly. I'm thrilled with the Knitpicks Gloss, it's knitting up beautifully. With any luck, I'll have pictures sometime in the next day or so, when I've finished a few of the pattern repeats and it is a little more interesting to look at.

Visited the Hair God after a loooooong absence. He fixed my hair, which was sad and broken after such a long separation. I bit the bullet and cut about 6+ inches off - maybe more - it skims my shoulders now. I loved my long curly locks so much, and I miss them. A little sad, to be truthful. But. It is CERTAINLY much more manageable than it was, will be a lot easier to handle now that I am working and that is why I decided to cut it off. He does such a good job, it's a super flattering cut and the length still works for me. Change is good. And there are always dreadfalls for those times when I get a yen for long locks. I'm back to my preferred black/violet too and it makes me look gothic and sad. Except, in a really not "sad" way. Like, I hope people don't look at my hair and say "oh, sad." you know? More of a stylistic thing. GothicAndSad(tm)


Lucia said...

Hey, congrats on the new do! My hair is perfectly straight and nearly waist-length (never quite gets there, though), and now and then I think about cutting it off and giving it to locks of love, hoping there will still be enough left for the don't-bother-me schoolmarm bun.

Mouse said...

I made some dread-falls ages ago but never got to wear them in a club.. I'm avoiding going to a hair place for fear that they will hack inches off of my hair and then I will be sad. Mine is down past the middle of my back and I'm loving it.