Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Got gauge? I swatched and I got gauge! So I can start knitting Serrano, except, I need to go find a 2.5mm circ in order to work the hem. So not quite ready to leap in.


My youngest is having issues with a girl at school who is being somewhat verbally abusive at lunch and passing periods. Mean girls stuff, normal, not horrible, but every day it's something new and she's a little frustrated by the behavior.

"Do you want me to visit her right after school and have a little 'chat'?" my oldest asked her tonight at the table. Keep in mind, my oldest has a green and black mohawk (it's an old picture), wears spikes and tatters and visually is quite intimidating to those of a mainstream mindset. She's as gentle a kid as you'd want to meet, but she LOOKS something fierce.


"Oh yeah. And could you do that thing where you get all ARTICULATE?" the youngest answered enthusiastically.

Not "Yes, please, kick her ass." or "break her nose." or any sentiment that implies ill will - no. Simply, "GET ARTICULATE."

My kids? Yeah. They're GREAT. I love them. I enjoy them so much. I love that the oldest will be articulate and fierce on her little sister's behalf and that the little one appreciates it and knows she is safe and protected by her family. I love that violence is not the first thing on their mind, but that they fall back on the power of words and reason.

Be articulate. Weapon of choice.

Smart people rule.


Mouse said...

That's one of the best responses I've heard in a long time.. and the picture of your daughter is fabulous- Great eye makeup (says the MAC eyeshadow junkie..)too!
I think "get articulate" sounds like something that should be printed on a teeshirt..
Great kids you've got there!

Will Pillage For Yarn said...

Mouse, she's fab with the eye makeup. Gives ME lessons and I'm an old school goth girl who is MUCH with the MAC love.

I think you're right. "Get Articulate" definitely needs to be put on a tee shirt.

Jess said...

Cafe Press, anyone?

Knitty Cat said...

Perhaps she (or you) could give an eye-makeup tutorial? I've NEVER been able to do it well. I usually look like I've been beaten or my makeup case exploded.

LizKnits said...

Inspiring... congrats on doing things really really well to end up with such terrific kids!

I'll sign up for a "get articulate" t-shirt too! size large please.

bethieee said...

Awesome. I don't even know them and I love your kids!

littledevilworks said...

That's so sweet. Your kids are great!

Z said...

New verbage for my stash..."I am gonna get all articulate on your sorry ass!!!" or better yet, "don't make me spray a can of ARTICULATE all over you!" hahahaha. I love it.