Wednesday, September 13, 2006

FINALLY. I'm on repeat #4 of Icarus. Still chart 1, but we're making progress. I'm not taking pictures until I get to the lace, kthx, because st st/yarnovers all pretty much looks the same whether you're on repeat 1 or repeat 5. It is sticky and vacation scented. I have to say that I love this project, but I will think twice next time before taking on something with lots of st st and looong purl rows. It's hard to keep knitting at it. I am a slow purl girl. I am not fast. It is becoming tedious. It is only the siren call of chart #2 that is keeping me knitting, well that and I want to finish SOMETHING this year that isn't a baby sweater or pair of socks.

I signed up for the Knitters Tea Swap last week because it sounded shiny. It seems to be a nice thing, since I'm not doing SP this next round, wot with the hols coming up. I get the fun of doing a secret pal type swap, but it's just one shot. And tea themed. What's not to love?


Lucia said...

Yeah, I've knit those hundreds of purl sts. It is hard to get into that Zen "hey, where did all those rows come from?" state with purl, isn't it?

Is it tea-time yet?

roggey said...

You know, for all the crap I keep hearing about that damned Icarus shawl, I'm so glad I didn't particularly care for it and jump in with the knitting myself.

Good luck with it, love!

Will Pillage For Yarn said...

Lucia, purl is not zen, at least not in my brain! I'm right with you.

Roggey, what've you read about it? I'm curious! I am really excited to be only 1.5 repeats from the actual EXCITING lace part. :-P And once it is done, never again, no matter now pretty the edging!