Thursday, August 24, 2006

When I got home, my roving of the month club selection was sitting in the mailbox. I gotta say, for $15 a month, this is a GREAT deal. For fifteen bucks, I got 4 oz. of THIS:

spunky cool rain on spindle

It's South African Fine, which is supposedly similar to merino. I like it, I think. I am finding it interesting to spin and a little more finicky than merino or BFL. I've got about half a pound of Corriedale in the stash that wants for spinning but I haven't gotten to it yet so not sure how it compares. The roving was a teeny bit felted during the dye process, so I am predrafting a lot. It's... "stickier" than the merino and BFL that I've spun before, in that the fibers are really wanting to stick together instead of draft smoothly. It seems to want to be a heavier yarn. Fortunately, I emptied the Bosworth midi a few days ago! The colorway is called "cool rain" and when spun up has this wonderful pastel cotton candy quality.

Worked a bit on the laceweight merino and had a nice full copp. Things were getting wobbly so I wound it off.

merino thistle lace
My hope is that this will eventually be laceweight 2 ply. It may end up being more like fingering weight once I ply it out. We'll have to see.

I feel like I'm so close to hacking another level of spinning. There're so many things I'd like to improve like not overspinning the hell out of things and being perfectly even. It's a process, I know. I'm trying to spin a little every day. Maybe I'll figure it out. I should probably take a few classes. :-P

My So Called Scarf from Sheep In The City:


Lucia said...

Ooh, it looks like a cloud to float away on... the scarf is lovely.

Mouse said...

That blue roving is beautiful... I want to climb into it and go to sleep. I agree with the other poster above.. it looks like clouds.
I can't spin lace weight to save my life.. so I think you're doing awesome without classes!!

Annie said...

I wanna know about this Roving of the month sounds fun.

Roxie said...

Love the roving. Love the color of the so-called-scarf!

I was in Redondo Beach on Friday and saw the ship off shore where they were filming Pirates 3. Way cool!! Don't you live in LA?

Will Pillage For Yarn said...

Roxie, yes, I'm in LA. Actually not too far from Redondo - I live just up the coast right near Venice Beach.

Annie, this is the URL for the Spunky Eclectic ROM club:

Jess said...

Drool. What I especially love is how subtle the color variations are. Like rippling water. :)

And I love your My So-Called. I made one as an xmas present for my hopefully-someday-brother-in-law last year. It was the most fun scarf I've ever made; once I got the hang of it, the stitch pattern was rhythmic enough that I didn't have to pay too much attention, but varied enough that I didn't get bored.

Now I want one...