Saturday, August 19, 2006

Santa Monica Fabulous Fiber Fest was FAAAABULOUS. I was good. I got exactly what I went in to get. One Bosworth featherweight spindle in purpleheart and a small sample of luxury fiber (cashmere/tussah silk) to spin with it. I was very good and did not give in to any other temptation and believe me, I'd like a medal. I walked past tencel, bamboo, soy silk, bombyx and suri alpaca. All manner of shiny. Damn skippy. Go me.

The new spindle, and roving. It has the most amazing sheen, from the silk, and is SO soft.

cashere singles
I'm getting a very fine single, though (here against the quarter for size comparison) so I'm thinking I can still get something approximating lace weight 2 ply. We'll see how the yardage comes out once it's all done and then I'll know what I can make.

Morgaine at Carolina Homespun showed me how to make an improvised lazy kate with two knitting needles, toilet roll tubes and a cardboard box. So two plying should be a little less fraught. Between that and my pvc niddy noddy from Moze, I feel very DIY. It just struck me today as I was showing J my spun miniskeins today - HOLY COW, I am making YARN. Real yarn. Some of it may be imperfectly plied or spun, I do get the occasional slub or slight variation in thickness, but... YARN. You can knit with it! I cannot, btw, speak highly enough of Morgaine and the folks over at Carolina Homespun. Not only do they have a fabulous selection of *everything*, but they're really accessible and happy to show you anything you want to know, answer questions, etc. They have my very loyal business every year and when I go to buy a wheel, I know who I am getting it from.

I met Marnie MacLean at the show. She is tiny and looks like a Victorian fairy. I don't know why I was expecting her to be eight feet tall and wrapped in spangles that screamed "FABULOUS KNITWEAR DESIGNER HERE" but maybe that's what happens when you really like someone's work. They get to be larger than life in your brain. I imagine the Yarn Harlot is just a regular sized knitter too. I guess I'll find out when she does her next signing in LA, right?

IF you're not to busy tonight, get on over to Synergy Cafe in Culver City. Bellydancers will be there. So will I.
4455 Overland Ave., Culver City CA lots of parking on Farragut Ave and behind the cafe.

Also, The Strand is playing at Bar Sinister up in Hollywood later on tonight. I might show up there too. If I'm not too wrung out from bellydancer wrangling (akin to cat herding, but jinglier.)


Lucia said...

OMG, that stuff is gorgeous! Your spinning looks great too.

The Harlot is quite short, in fact, although I would say she looks more like a hobbit than a fairy (I hope she doesn't mind). And she is totally not stuck on herself. She's great.

Will Pillage For Yarn said...

Thanks! I was really in love with a lot of the rovings they had. Thank god I'd assigned myself a STRICT budget before I went into the show. As it was, I went $10 over to get the cashmere.

I have a mental list of other stuff I'm planning to buy now, as I can afford it.

I might have to resort to more space in my house for fiber. The extant bins are overfull. Stash has reached critical mass.

The Guppy said...

Ooh! I was at Fiberfest, too. In fact, I bought my very first spindle from Carolina Homespun. VERY friendly.

I spent most of my Fiberfest budget on the spindle and a great fish pendant (of sorts). What blew me out of the water is when my friends and I made a day of it and went down to The Yarn Lady in Laguna. *deadfaint*

And...I MADE YARN, TOO! I was showing everybody who would stand still for more than 2 seconds. LOL.

Jess said...

oh, I could just drool.