Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I think I'm gonna not participate in Secret Pal 9. A break will be good. This round was more difficult than I expected it to be - I was spoiling my SP8 and also I was an angel for someone from SP7 so doing both simultaneously and trying really hard to do nice things for both of them. I wanted to do so much more and a really good job. I just worry that I didn't. I also feel kinda bad because I don't think I was the best spoilee this round, either - I feel like I could have been way more chatty and visibly thankful and excited. I just, dropped the ball. There was so much going on. All the travel, the family drama, but that's really no excuse to be rude, you know?

For the record? I LOVED my Secret Pal, she had great taste and spoiled me and it was wonderful and I'm so thankful. Thank you SP8. You were awesome. I'm sorry I was a big flaky thing.

I'll join back up for 10, hopefully and will be back to normal. When something you normally really enjoy becomes stressful because of life circumstances, it's really a wise idea to step back and take a break from it until it's no longer stressful and can be a joy again. And I do think that giving or receiving, people deserve my best.

I started turning the heel of the #2 mom sock today. I think I'll have another FO by the end of the week. Yay!

Oh, and, another little thing. I am now back in the ranks of the gainfully employed. I've been keeping it under my hat for the most part, not wanting to jinx things, but I have been looking for work for a while now. I got offered a job yesterday and I start next week. High end food porn retail, a good re-entry into the working world after so many years of being a stay home mom, and I like the shop and the people I will be working with. The pay is great and I'll be right next to the Farmer's Market, working in the Grove. Which mean, I can eat puerco pibil at Loteria! every day if I want it.

We're going on a cruise to Mexico with my inlaws for their 50th wedding anniversary next weekend. They are taking the whole family. Because of some legal issues with my youngest's custody arrangement, she can't go and we're just heartbroken. She'll be staying behind while we go on the cruise. We arranged for her to join some friends on a trip to the Grand Canyon and she's quite excited, but it's been a real issue as far as the rest of the family is concerned. That's part of what was taking my attention away from the rest of my life for so long in addition to all the family draaaama and health stuff. I've been trying to track down someone who doesn't really want to be found, work around the state dept's requirements for passports for a minor and failing miserably at both. Anyone know a crackerjack private investigator who will work for knitted things?

Truly, it is up and it is down and then it is up and then back down. One must simply try to balance.


Lucia said...

Ooh, that bites. I'm sorry you're going through all that.

Perhaps Miss Marple?

The Guppy said...

It seems to me there should be something in place where you can show the court (or the State Dept.) that you've made all reasonable efforts to track down such person. And if that's the case, you should be able to have your arrangement changed.

Barring that, I do know of a PI that my firm has used, but I'm sure they're $$$. I would call the CA Bar association and ask them for assistance. They should be able to recommend an attorney who would do pro-bono work.

Just my .02. Feel free to contact me off-blog. I'm on the SNBLA list.


Z said...

Oy. Long post. Gone.

Suffice it to this: Really. Sucks.

SP9? I just joined and you bail? WTF?

And I am sorry I have been quiet...I need to get my groove on don't I?