Thursday, August 10, 2006

I declare I'm gonna get kicked out of every knitters webring I belong to if I don't start posting in this thing more often. Things have been *busy*, kids. Crazy busy. Traveling to the putrid arse end of nowhereModesto, busy. Visiting family, busy. Grandpa having a heart attack, busy. Also, I am broke and unable to buy yarn, because of all the gas I had to buy going to Modesto twice and Tulare once. Fun! I am really, really sure that I loathe Modesto. Not that it was in doubt? But now I'm really sure. It is a frightening place.

I'm stalled on every knitting project I have going except that black purl sock - I finally turned the heel and got into the leg and hope to be done with it before the holidays. I am wondering if my stressiness of late has anything to do with my lack of knitting time? It is good therapy.

We've been running around a little bit nuts trying to sort out some visa and passport issues for the youngest member of the pirate crew, because we are supposed to be joining the inlaws on a cruise to Mexico for Labor Day. Well today the bottom line was handed down from on high, she can't go. I am caught in this horrible state department catch 22 because of some legal issues with custody and so the youngest member of the pirate crew is off to the Grand Canyon with My Handsome Cabin Boy and our extended chosen family for 5 days while we are on board a boat to Mexico with the inlaws. It is for the inlaws big stellar anniversary and they are very kindly taking all of us and so I really *am* sorry that the youngest is going to miss the family fun and her grandparents are so disappointed that she's not coming. But there isn't a thing I can do about it. Rules is rules. She will have a grand time at the Canyon with everyone and if it weren't for such an important family occasion, I'd be jealous.

On the Middle East, the war, Israel, Lebanon and people trying to blow up airplanes in the UK. Stoppit. Okay? Everyone. I don't care who, why, for what reason, just STOP KILLING EACH OTHER and that goes for the US too. Human beings are killing other human beings and that is wrong. I don't care who started it. I. Don't. Care. Nobody deserves to be bombed, murdered, killed, tortured, everyone deserves to live in peace, there is no such thing as an eye for an eye because then we're all just blind and STOP IT. Okay? Knock it the hell off. We all bleed. We all die. Why do we persist in killing each other? That is my opinion.

Mr. Yarnpirate and Machina Candeo will be performing at the LA County Fair on Sept 23/24 (which is also our 10th anniversary weekend, so I guess we're celebrating later on in October) so if you're going to the fair, go then and see some pretty fire spinners.

I will be at the Fall Ojai Pirate Faire that same Saturday the 23rd, so if you're going to see pirates in Ojai, stop by and see me. I'll be with the Port Royal Privateers. Auditioning to see if they'll let me join the clubhouse and get a seekrut pyerat decoder ring. YARRRR.

If you haven't yet? You need to check out Deadwood on HBO. I cannot tell you how much my vocabulary has increased since I began watching that show. I will never again lack for something charming to say during rush hour on the 405.

OH. I know. Picture meme. THIS IS FUN. Leave me a comment and tell me something about my life you want to see a picture of. I'll post it in my blog. You do the same on yours. Can be fiber, anything, whatever you want to see. Have at, kids.


The Guppy said...

Sorry to hear about your grandfather's heart attack. May he get well fast and not be too cranky while recuperating. *grin*

Grandparents are on my mind lately, as I just lost my last living grandparent a few weeks ago when my grandmother died. about posting your favorite picture of one of your grandparents? Mine, however, will have to wait until I get home tonight.

Will Pillage For Yarn said...

I'll have to scan one in, but I can definitely do that! :-)