Sunday, August 20, 2006

Hubris is.... thinking that one can learn to spin singles suitable for 2 ply laceweight using a brand new spindle and silk/cashmere roving. AHAHAHAHAHAHA. What one ends up with is flyaway bits of fluff sticking everywhere, a dent in the rug where the spindle keeps falling, very uneven singles, laughing children, scandalized cats and a husband who silently but obviously puts out the bad word jar where you can see it as if to say, "Those words you keep saying. They are naughty. You owe the jar a lot of money."

How do you know it's hubris? When you wind it off and put the fancy roving away, then try the merino that was previously putting the "drop" back in drop spindle and giving you fits. And find it to be easy by comparison.

We'll try the fancy stuff another time.


roggey said...

The only way I can spin silk is to "spin & park it." You spin the yarn but then stop it, tuck the spindle somewhere that it won't unwind (between my knees usually) and then I walk the energy of the wind up the roving to produce the yarn. Otherwise? My pooch would think spindles falling from the sky was a normal occurrence, along with my usual hail of swear words =)

Annie said...

I also use the spin and park method but I would also recommend wetting your hands,like when you spin flax. Helps, really