Friday, August 11, 2006

Fish With Sticks asked for a pic of my favorite grandparent. Or actually, for my favorite picture of my favorite grandparent. I'll have to scan in my *favorite* picture of her sometime, but here's one that I love because it is recent and multigenerational.

grandma and pirate

That's my Gran, Clara Aubrey, also known as the Tea Pourer Emeritus, also just known as Grandma. She used to play a mean game of Parcheesi, was a needleworker without compare, and brewed a nice pot of tea. She is the most unconditional love I have ever known in my life. She doesn't remember me when I go to see her now, age and time do mean things like that, but she's still gracious and wonderful and her essence hasn't changed very much.

She's had gorgeous, thick, wavy silver hair for as long as I've known her, which she used to wear up in an elegant upsweep. I secretly cherish the hope that as I age, I'll have hair just like hers.

I should knit her something.


Mouse said...

aww.. I don't really know my grandparents- but I wish I had memories like that! Maybe a lace shawl would be nice?

Dave said...

"Awww" is right. Yes, knit her something.