Friday, August 18, 2006

Azalia's Yarn Store in Culver City on Washington is having a 50% off all yarn in the store sale. Which, as I was out running errands, caused me to nearly wreck the Toyota. I saw the big 50% OFF ALL YARN IN THE STORE sign and careened to a screeching halt and thank goodness I had the presence of mind to pull over as I did so. Sadly, they were all sold out of Rio De La Plata which was what I'd hoped to find (half off is significant and I've been wanting to buy some) and they have no sock yarn at all. Don't carry it. Thank the freakin gods. So I did not have a yarn frenzy at all. Not even a tiny one. The store carries a lot of those 'designer' Italian yarns as well as a lot of stuff from Bernat and Berocco. It's an interesting mix of stock. A lot of blends, heavy on the synthetic fibers and novelty yarns with sparklies and bins of eyelash stuff. It isn't really a shop for the fiber snob or a more traditional knitter who likes basic yarns in natural fibers. Which would be me. The store closes August 26th and is moving to a new location up on Palms Blvd. I will probably continue to do the bulk of my yarn whoring a la A Mano Yarn Center, but Azalias is always worth checking out just in case and in this case, 50% off, kids.

Speaking of A Mano Yarn Center? I was just in there today. They have in a whole new fabulous shipment of Socks That Rock. Danger, Will Robinson. Danger. It looks like Shannita and crew are going gangbusters with the business and I'm so happy to see it. It's a really comfortable place and everyone is so friendly and helpful, just awesome about helping you if you have questions. They've got an amazing collection of yarns for sale, rovings, spindles, novelties.... And did I mention, STR? Yeah. You know you want some. Go get some. Just not all of it please, I want some too.

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