Friday, July 14, 2006

While flipping through the online photos at the camp website (my kids are still at camp) I was DELIGHTED to see a picture of my darling eldest child with all of her cabin mates.

My darling eldest child who now has a completely shaved head, except for a pair of Chelsea bangs in front.

Because we LOVE to find out about radical hair changes via pictures, from camp, while the kid is 6 hours away and not within intense discussion distance. Love. That.

The thing that has me worried is, about 4 of her cabin mates were also sporting similarly shorn 'do's. And since last year, So-chan got in major trouble with camp administration for running a beauty salon out of the girls loo, dying the sinks purple and half the campers too, I am wondering if an unfortunate precedent has been set.

One wonders what she'll do next year to top this year's hair hijinks?

Hopefully not Brazillians.


Lucia said...

Keep telling yourself, "it's hair. It will grow back." (This thought has sustained me through several comically bad perms. Of mine, I mean.)


Mouse said...


sopranospinner said...

Oh.My.Gosh. I don't know what I would do! It's like "The Parent Trap" only...shaved?? It will grow, but oh, my! When do they come back? What does the younger one look like?

Jen Z said...

Yikes!! Yes, not a parent's favorite way to find these things out. How old is she?