Monday, July 03, 2006

The wedding I went to in the BA was so beautiful - so many great folks. My friend got some fab pictures of me and Tiki. I'm so excited to have pics of us together.

Not me and Tiki, just a really good picture of me which is amazing because I am Not Photogenic Girl.

My friend's dog checking out my dog. I was having SUCH a great time with the dogs. Confession: the dogs were really helpful with the whole, social anxiety thing. Yay.

Tiki was in the middle of trying to lick my face very enthusiastically.

Tiki was very tired by the end of the day.

all pics courtesy of klwalton who is a completely rocking photographer.


Mouse said...

very pretty pictures.. I was looking for a similar hat to wear to my Sister in Law's wedding last weekend but alas, nothing was found. Cute puppy too!

Will Pillage For Yarn said...

Wal Mart. $3.99

I *never* shop there, but my mom took me when I was up in Modesto and the hat, it was black, I needed one, and, hey CHEAP, so I broke my own cardinal rule. *sigh*