Friday, July 28, 2006

Someone asked me today if I could be a superhero/action figure, who I'd be.

I'd totally be DPN Girl of course!

Changes from mild mannered yarn whore to awesome superhero of yarn fu.

Utility belt includes Wooly Balls Of Clue (good for throwing at bad guys), DPNS of pointiness (also good for throwing) and you can get the optional Winder and Swift accessory for bad guy wrapping up, as well as Extra Pointy #15 Needles for hand to hand combat.

(Colinette .5) Yarn Dreads of Obscurity keep mind reading bad guys from reading her thoughts. (Noro, cabled) Armwarmers Of Strength give her super extra kung fu mojo. Nasty Acrylic Poncho (of Acrylic) stops bullets!

Press her back and she says, "Hang on, you bad guy, until I finish this row." and "You made me drop a stitch. That's it. Your arse is MINE, you bad guy." and "OH MY GOSH, WOOL ON SALE!"

What's YOUR superhero action figure?


Z said...

That's about the best fit for me too!!! Good for you to dream her up for us! LOL

sopranospinner said...

Okay, I watched it. I'm not sure I have EVER laughed so much at TV! It was great!

However, we were so appalled at the "heroes" who ignored the child. And only one man managed to hear her! Shameful!

My favorite part was the guy in the red's little gestures and stuff. He really stayed in character! I do like Creature, but she had better watch it for a bit, she already has one strike against her with Stan.

Anyway, I really thought it was fun and will continue watching (and Runway, too, of course).

Roxie said...

OK, I'll stay up and watch the show. My super hero is Intarsia, Warrior Knitter (her purling can save the world!)Her shakram becomes circular needles of infinite length to lasso and bind off warlords and despots. She carries many skills like colorful strands of yarn to create a briliant and subtle pattern of beauty. At yarn sales, you can hear her war cry - "miyiyiyiyiyine!"

Will Pillage For Yarn said...

roxie, you need a trusty sidekick named gabrillama to ride into battle at your side.

soprano, isn't he the BEST? We are Major Victory fans. Because of the line, "You can be a winner or you can be a weiner." which is the BEST LINE IN A REALITY SHOW EVER. Even better than Andre's last season Project Runway "Where the HELL is my chiffon???" outburst.

Hi Z!!

Jess said...

Heh. I wish I had thought of that. Seriously; I was in a superhero career counseling film, and ended up being the assistant, rather than a superhero. :( But I did manage to sneak a belly dance costume into my scenes...

Check it (A "Super" Career) out at:
(and yes, the cheesy wipes are on purpose)