Monday, July 03, 2006

Home again, home again, jiggity jig. I'm so glad to be here. There was a bit of fraught family drama going on during the visit, and I had a nasty case of food poisoning on the drive home Sunday (boy that made it fun!) but I did get to a perfectly lovely wedding on Saturday up in the SF Bay Area and spent some good time with my Mom.

Didn't get much knitting done but I managed a few rows here and there. I got to the end of the second rep on chart A with icarus and embarked on rep #3. I am planning to do extra repeats of this one, but I am not sure how many and have not yet figured out how that changes the math on the edging. Being math, I am singing lalalalala about it until the last minute.

A few more rounds on the black purl st st purse sock. The aunties came over to mom's for some cutthroat cribbage and sweet tea the other night, so we all sat round the kitchen table, they played, I knit on the sock, endless round after endless round, there was gossip and laughter and did I mention many glasses of iced sweet tea? Kitchen table ritual creates holy ground.

I got 3 fairly decent skeins of very chunky 3 ply out of my 4 oz. Spunky Roving Of The Month selection. I'm just loving it. I should caveat this self congratulation by saying that I really need to learn Andean plying. It can't ALL be 3 ply and my singles aren't really great to just knit as, well, singles. I still require plying to even out my yarn and I definitely acknowledge that my plying is way imperfect! It needs work and perhaps a spinning workshop or three. Anyway, the colors are simply stunning and I think it'll be fairly self striping if I make it into a thin scarf on fat needles. I have to wash it and set the twist, but it was really the perfect project for visiting Mom's place. Not too complex. The uneven spots are mostly where something exciting happened during one of the movies we were watching. Heh.


Bunny tried to convince my mom that we really need the spinning wheel.
Mom is not buying it. The spinning wheel is still in Modesto. None of Bunny's cuteness or my longing sighs were able to budge her. The fiber on that there bobbin? Yeah, that's about 20 years old. Just sayin. No hands have touched that wheel in 20 freakin years. It tortures me. *pain*


Lucia said...

Even without the wheel you're way more productive than I've been lately. 20 years? Ouch.

sopranospinner said...

I love your 3 ply and can't wait to get to the roving myself. I will probably do a 2 ply, though, as I haven't done that with my first two, not sock yarn anyway.

I'm planning to finish up the blue roving from June this evening for the Tour de Fleece and get started on July.

20 years is an awfully long time for that wheel to be cluttering up your mother's house, huh? Doesn't it get in the way? Isn't she worried it will get knocked over and broken? Doesn't it need some TLC? Man, that would drive me nuts!!

Will Pillage For Yarn said...

NUTS. Exactly. 20 years. It used to just be, oh, hey, look a wheel thing. And then I became a spinner and it became a HUGE FREAKIN TRAGEDY DRIVING ME NUTS.

I think it makes her feel good to have it and I think she probably thinks she'll spin again one day. Who knows, maybe she will, I could certainly hook her up with some good rovings. In fact, maybe I'll send her some and say that the wheel asked nicely and could she please start spinning again, kthxverymuch, or I might cry.

sopranospinner said...

Now, there's an idea. And then if she never spins it up, when you're there, you could do it and show her how either 1) lovely it is to see you spinning and what lovely yarn you make or 2) how much fun it would be to start again so it stops DRIVING YOU NUTS!

I finished the blue roving last night and it will (someday) become a One Skein Wonder shrug. Predrafted some of the purple and should have some spinning time at the park while kids swim with dad and SOMEONE has to stake out our picnic spot for fireworks, bummer! Have a wonderful day!

Mouse said...

Your handspun is really fab.. I love the colors! I haven't learned how to Navajo ply yet.. I really do need to learn because I only have a few bobbins- the ones for the Louet wheels are very expensive.

Will Pillage For Yarn said...

It was from Spunky Eclectic. It's "berry pickin" colorway. Thanks!