Saturday, July 29, 2006

Today I dropped a frozen chicken on my foot and broke my toe.

We are having pollo y payback later on this week, and HOW.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Someone asked me today if I could be a superhero/action figure, who I'd be.

I'd totally be DPN Girl of course!

Changes from mild mannered yarn whore to awesome superhero of yarn fu.

Utility belt includes Wooly Balls Of Clue (good for throwing at bad guys), DPNS of pointiness (also good for throwing) and you can get the optional Winder and Swift accessory for bad guy wrapping up, as well as Extra Pointy #15 Needles for hand to hand combat.

(Colinette .5) Yarn Dreads of Obscurity keep mind reading bad guys from reading her thoughts. (Noro, cabled) Armwarmers Of Strength give her super extra kung fu mojo. Nasty Acrylic Poncho (of Acrylic) stops bullets!

Press her back and she says, "Hang on, you bad guy, until I finish this row." and "You made me drop a stitch. That's it. Your arse is MINE, you bad guy." and "OH MY GOSH, WOOL ON SALE!"

What's YOUR superhero action figure?

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Move Over Project Runway

It's time for Who Wants To Be A Superhero.

This is the BEST reality tv show EVAR.

Personally, Fat Momma is my favorite because she has crullers on her utility belt. She eats them and her superhero powers are enhanced. Monkey Girl is cool too. But it must be said that bananas on the utility belt are not as cool as crullers. I am definitely pro-donut. Creature is a friend of the husbandly type person's, so I suppose I should be rooting for her... but she doesn't have donuts. I kinda think the one very intense dude in the blue and black might pop a gasket before the end of the first ep, though.

It's like, Charlie's Angels meets the Justice League meets Fear Factor... in spandex...

Thursdays, Sci Fi, 9pm.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Still No Knitting

Most of the West Coast is in hell a little bit warm from the summer heat and here in LA, it is unbelievably muggy. I believe it's kinda that way all up and down, really. So on the heels of this fabulous moistness, has come a massive flare of whatever the hell it is that sometimes makes my joints feel really crappy. Which is probably, most likely, arthritis, except I don't like to use that word la la la la. Whatever ya want to call it, I'm popping ibuprofein like candy and my hands are in a massive pain flare, so I'm not knitting much. I think I got about three rows done on Mom's birthday sock #1 in the last few days. Forget Icarus. Laceweight with these hands? Not happening.

Hot. Cranky. Sore.

I've been sleeping an awful lot, and dreaming about yarn.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

There is no yarn at Comic Con.

However, there are a lot of nerds. Of all shapes, sizes, and persuasions. There were entire legions of guys dressed up as Stormtroopers, tons of anime sailor girls, cat girls, Jedi knights, Firefly folks (I myself was done up in Kaylee swag), Final Fantasy characters, there were artists, vendors, books, comics, games, movies, if it exists in fandom, it is represented at San Diego Comic Con.

I think there were probably 100,000 people there. There were more people in one convention center than live in my hometown. Times three.

It is impossible to knit at Comic Con without jabbing some poor nerd with a dpn, so you might as well not bother.

Eye opener, and that's no lie.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I had this thought. I'm starting an Etsy store soon. And I have a lot of crafty friends who make stuff and sell. Like, stitch markers, soaps, yarn and other stuff. So I'd really appreciate it if you would comment on this entry, leave me the URL for your etsy or other storefront, some info about what you make and if you take paypal or whatever. I'll compile them all into a post and stick that up on my side bar. It'll be a nice way to help support my friends and come in handy at Christmas time, I am sure!


Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I haven't had much time to knit this week. Really just been throwing in a row here or there on the Icarus shawl whenever I have a chance to sit down for ten minutes.

Spending a lot of time thinking about life and living it every day. Thinking about ways I can be a better friend and a better person in general. Thinking about ways I've failed to do that. Trying not to dwell there so much, but just keep moving forward towards the person I would really like to be on a regular basis. I've spent a lot of time dancing this week. Dancing, for me, is about as close as I can get to whatever passes for God, without actually touching. And I've had a pressing need to be close to that, so dancing it is.

Reconnecting with my kids has been good, though I sent a little girl away to camp and got back a pre-teen in a BIG way, inches taller, boobs, and wearing tinted lip gloss. Such a pretty girl. But where's my baby? So-chan did indeed shave the head, but fortunately there's a hawk and some chelsea bangs so if I look at her head on and squint, I can pretend there's actually regular hair. I hate to say it? But she's a really cute punk chick and looks GREAT in a hawk. So I'm adjusting okay.

I wanted to say congratulations to my friend Inky on her new home! And though I'm really behind on bloglines, I'm catching up slowly.

I wanted to say something else. You matter. You, reading this blog. Person I may have never met before. You totally matter to someone and more someones than you think. Don't ever forget it. When things get dark and horrible, you have to hang on to that. Don't forget. The hole that someone leaves behind when they lose sight of that is bigger and more painful than you can imagine. You matter.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

It's been a pretty intense week around my community of friends. One friend's cousin committed suicide. Another woman, a friend of mine and a very close friend of other people I know, also gave up hope and took her own life. One of my friends lost her baby in the first trimester. There are a lot of heartsick folks in the network around these people, folks who are mourning and asking themselves if they could have done more. My heart goes out to them. It is an inconceivable thing. It never fully heals, that kind of loss. The Middle East has erupted into war and there was a homeless, hungry raggedy man who was begging outside last night. Yesterday a friend rescued a baby bird wot was broken and got it to a bird rescue, after people walked by for two days and did nothing. All around, at every level, there is sorrow and pain.

So I got to thinking about humanity and suffering and the world around me. There's a lot that's broken. A lot of suffering. It takes a lot of forms. We can't fix every thing and we are not going to be able to heal every hurt. I recognize and am square with that because if I weren't, I think I'd go mad. I don't take on all the world's woes. I want equal measures of joy in my life as well.

My take on it is, that if we knowingly walk by suffering without pausing to assess what we can do, then we lose a little piece of humanity. We are not always going to be able to do anything. Our circumstances, whether it be money, time, teapot on the stove, distance, not understanding bird anatomy, whatever, these circumstances may preclude our being able to help. But we must stop for a moment and make the determination.

When we realize that we can help? That we can alleviate that one piece of suffering out of all the suffering in the world? Then we *have* to stop. We have to fix that one piece. You know why? It's our piece. It is the one we are destined to fix or carry, whether it's a broken winged bird or a human (known or unknown) in need. If we pass that by knowingly, we are diminished a little bit.

We are not always going to be able to solve every problem or fix every hurt. We are going to walk right by and miss a lot of opportunities to do that, because that's what happens. But we can keep our eyes open. And we should try to fix the pieces we can, when we see them, one at a time. One broken wing. One phone call. A blog post. A ride on your bike rather than a trip in the car. An email. One fax to your senator. One dollar bill in a cup. You will fail to repair more than you actually do mend. You will see an opportunity and not act quickly enough and it will pass you by. More will be broken than you can bear. Do not lose heart. Just do what you can when you find the broken piece you were meant to fix. Consider it your destiny on the level that, you are a human being living on the planet with other creatures.

We have to repair our bits and trust that others are going to pick up the pieces we cannot. One at a time.

And that's what I think about that.

Friday, July 14, 2006

While flipping through the online photos at the camp website (my kids are still at camp) I was DELIGHTED to see a picture of my darling eldest child with all of her cabin mates.

My darling eldest child who now has a completely shaved head, except for a pair of Chelsea bangs in front.

Because we LOVE to find out about radical hair changes via pictures, from camp, while the kid is 6 hours away and not within intense discussion distance. Love. That.

The thing that has me worried is, about 4 of her cabin mates were also sporting similarly shorn 'do's. And since last year, So-chan got in major trouble with camp administration for running a beauty salon out of the girls loo, dying the sinks purple and half the campers too, I am wondering if an unfortunate precedent has been set.

One wonders what she'll do next year to top this year's hair hijinks?

Hopefully not Brazillians.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

I am very not in love with the majority of the patterns in the Fall IK preview. Which goes to prove my theory that I'm really just a fan of their spring/summer issues in general. However, now that I have a subscription, I really have no choice. I guess the winter/fall issues I can just say, "Oh well, I only read it for the articles." :-P

I personally prefer fairly classic, simple lines a la 1930s/1940's. I love, ADORE, fitted jackets with a little flare at the bottom, I like things that skim the figure and don't clutter it up. I don't like big bulky things that totally obscure the body. So this issue of IK, not thrilling me, because, well, just. No. It is not ALL crap. I should say that. I do like the Breton Jacket. I like Glasgow Lace (though I'd make it an inch or three longer and add some shaping to the waist just to nip it in), and I like the Gatsby Girl Pullover. I also actually really like the boxy looking Bianca's Jacket, because I think it'd go well over a fitted black dress or something for an evening out. And yeah, I'd knit all of it in black, natch. Love the Swallowtail shawl. And that's it. Please to remove the rest of the patterns from my sight.

Please. No more heavy, boxy, ending at the top of my ass/widest part of my hips sweaters made of yarn I can't afford. What's with big boxy pockets cluttering up the line on that Coral sweater? WHY??? And for FUCKS SAKE, the Wanderlust hoodie could have been suBLIME, but you ruined it. Stop with the BOBBLES, okay? Bobbles are NOT the new black. Bobbles are sick and wrong. Bobbles are ugly ass, cluttering up the line, annoying to knit little daggy things that PISS. ME. OFF.

That's the other thing. Yarn substitution, oh my GOD. The Glasgow Lace pattern calls for 100% cashmere at $40+ a skein. Well yes thanks, I'd love some, but honestly, I also need to eat. Please, Interweave editors and designers, remember that real people knit your patterns and we have day jobs (or no job and are living on one income) and pick your yarns accordingly. I don't want cheap acrylic crap and I can't afford the yarn you dangle in front of me. Please find the middle path. It worked for the Buddha. It is good enough for me.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Sock the Monkey

Originally uploaded by yarnpirate.
My husband is very silly. He says that because I knit constantly, I have a monkey on my back.

A sock monkey on my back. And then he drew it for me.

Please to note, my sock monkey has a fez. Coolest monkey evar.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

I got a bunch of stuff from the kiln yesterday and dropped off my mehndi tiles. A few test pieces, some stuff I did a LoooooOOooOOong time ago. Very pleased.

muertos platter fired
A few kiln booboos but I am SO thrilled with this platter. This one, I keep. I will make others though, and sell them.

muertos platter back
back of platter

folklorico plates

Folklorico, one of the design lines from a while ago that I am keeping because it is bright and cheerful and *always* makes me happy to work on.

tribal sushi/tiles
Tribal sushi, love how it came out, still contemplating this one for production. The tiles are for a mirror I am making the girls for their bathroom, they say things like, "my worth is not determined by the size of my clothes", "fairest one of all", "sassy", "bold", "I stand on my own two feet" etc. It'll eventually be a tiled/mosiac frame around a mirror that hangs on the wall. A friend suggested I make sure there's tiles that say "I Love You" on there. I've now decided to make two, since they will each need such wisdom going forward in their lives as young women.

Mendhi test tiles should be ready next week, Lady willing and the creek don't rise. Kiln Goddess giveth and She taketh away.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Hey SP8, THANK YOU FOR THE SOAP!!! A box came! And in the box, was soap! Vanilla and cinnamon soap, from Alchemic Dragon, to be precise! I love it, it's fab. Thank you so much! It smells wonderful. I'm loving it.

I'm not sure what we're doing today. Taking Tiki to the dog park probably, going for a walk on Venice Beach, spending a quiet day. We'll probably head down to Playa Del Rey for our traditional fireworks over the water. We have these friends who we NEVER see, they live like, twenty minutes from us, and we only ever manage to see them on the 4th at the beach. It's pathetic, but it has become something like a tradition. We hang out, have a picnic, watch pretty lights, vow to get together for social fun that is not fireworks related, and then don't see each other until the next year. Crazy.

So, yeah. Ho hum. Big heap excitement over here Chez Yarnpirate, non?

About the most excitement I've had was going to the market last night and realizing that I do not have to cook for children. I can eat whatever the hell I want for TWO MORE WEEKS. So I got cherries, peaches, nectarines, grapes, watermelon, vanilla ice cream and Dr. Henry's root beer (floats!), Klondike bars, fancy cheese, fabulous artisan bread and lime popsicles. All I need now is salsa and bacon from Trader Joe's, and I'm SET.

Monday, July 03, 2006

The wedding I went to in the BA was so beautiful - so many great folks. My friend got some fab pictures of me and Tiki. I'm so excited to have pics of us together.

Not me and Tiki, just a really good picture of me which is amazing because I am Not Photogenic Girl.

My friend's dog checking out my dog. I was having SUCH a great time with the dogs. Confession: the dogs were really helpful with the whole, social anxiety thing. Yay.

Tiki was in the middle of trying to lick my face very enthusiastically.

Tiki was very tired by the end of the day.

all pics courtesy of klwalton who is a completely rocking photographer.
Home again, home again, jiggity jig. I'm so glad to be here. There was a bit of fraught family drama going on during the visit, and I had a nasty case of food poisoning on the drive home Sunday (boy that made it fun!) but I did get to a perfectly lovely wedding on Saturday up in the SF Bay Area and spent some good time with my Mom.

Didn't get much knitting done but I managed a few rows here and there. I got to the end of the second rep on chart A with icarus and embarked on rep #3. I am planning to do extra repeats of this one, but I am not sure how many and have not yet figured out how that changes the math on the edging. Being math, I am singing lalalalala about it until the last minute.

A few more rounds on the black purl st st purse sock. The aunties came over to mom's for some cutthroat cribbage and sweet tea the other night, so we all sat round the kitchen table, they played, I knit on the sock, endless round after endless round, there was gossip and laughter and did I mention many glasses of iced sweet tea? Kitchen table ritual creates holy ground.

I got 3 fairly decent skeins of very chunky 3 ply out of my 4 oz. Spunky Roving Of The Month selection. I'm just loving it. I should caveat this self congratulation by saying that I really need to learn Andean plying. It can't ALL be 3 ply and my singles aren't really great to just knit as, well, singles. I still require plying to even out my yarn and I definitely acknowledge that my plying is way imperfect! It needs work and perhaps a spinning workshop or three. Anyway, the colors are simply stunning and I think it'll be fairly self striping if I make it into a thin scarf on fat needles. I have to wash it and set the twist, but it was really the perfect project for visiting Mom's place. Not too complex. The uneven spots are mostly where something exciting happened during one of the movies we were watching. Heh.


Bunny tried to convince my mom that we really need the spinning wheel.
Mom is not buying it. The spinning wheel is still in Modesto. None of Bunny's cuteness or my longing sighs were able to budge her. The fiber on that there bobbin? Yeah, that's about 20 years old. Just sayin. No hands have touched that wheel in 20 freakin years. It tortures me. *pain*