Friday, June 02, 2006

We are in the final weeks of school, getting the girls ready for camp and my Dad has been visiting for the latter part of the week. Consequently, the knitting is going slowly.

Worked a few more rounds of Mom's birthday sock and got to the heel turning portion of the program.

Worked a few decrease rows of Carl's cardi front.

Cast on for a toe up sock for me in the LL's Black Purl I got from my SP6, The Jersey Knitter, SUCH fabulous pretty yarn, I am loving it. She sent two skeins but I'm thinking instead of one pair of regular socks with both skeins, I'll make myself two pairs of lace anklets. Summer is pretty warm in LA and I always run out of anklets to wear with my chucks.

Got through the garter stitch/bead border of the Hanging Vines stole, fubared the first row, frogged. Now have to restring beads and start over. Only this time, I'm gonna start on #4's instead of the #3's specified by the pattern, I think I'd like a lacier fabric. This will ultimately be a Christmas gift for my dad's ex-wife who is the only 'family' member that I have not knit something for yet.

Spun some yarn.

Bought bins and organized my stash.

Really, aside from a few mini skeins (that's the thing about spindling, the skeins are small!) and stuffing some yarn in bins, I have accomplished f*ck all with yarn that is really worth mentioning. If that's even worth it at all.

Tomorrow I am going to as many westside yarn stores as I can manage in one afternoon, with all of my WWKIP Day fliers. I made half page copies and cut them today, so maybe can talk LYS owners into giving them to customers as well as hanging a full sized flyer in their shops. I used Franklin's flyer design and dropped in the LA info so Dolores is gonna be all over LA by tomorrow. It will be a lot of traffic and a lot of bother but hopefully we'll have a good turnout come June 10.


Lucia said...

Hey, you are way ahead of me. I've been in a knitting/spinning funk for at least a week. (And it's gonna rain all weekend, just what I need to improve the mood.)

In a way I wish I weren't going to the Maine Fiber Frolic next weekend. Of course I'll be knitting in public, but so will everyone else.

Geogrrl said...

So, didja get the organizers from Target? They look a lot like the ones I have. I didn't think of them immediately as, strangely enough, I don't keep my yarn in the ones I have.

Will Pillage For Yarn said...

Geo, yes, they're from Target. On sale, woohoo!

Nit One Perl Two said...

I am so happy I found your site. It appears we have more in common than knitting! I'll let you know when I complete the "world renound" triple lindee patern!

kristina wong said...

hey! now i don't feel so bad about my stash! your's is just about as pornographic!